Cybersecurity Policy To Watch for the Rest of 2017

Scott L. Vernick recently weighed in with Law360 on the hottest cybersecurity topics and policies to watch for in the U.S. and abroad.

Fox Scores Double Litigation Victory for VC Firm

John Shaeffer and Jeff Grant got a $7 million verdict overturned, then persuaded a jury to award zero dollars.

Prominent Environmental Litigator Maureen Mitchell Joins Fox in Seattle

Maureen's diverse practice focuses on regulatory compliance litigation and Indian Law.

Fox Welcomes Litigation Pro C. Dunham Biles in Dallas

Dunham handles a variety of complex commercial disputes related to antitrust, intellectual property, banking and more.

Ian Meklinsky Named Fellow of College of Labor & Employment Lawyers

This prestigious honor recognizes those who exemplify integrity, dedication and excellence.

Bruce J. Borrus Recognized by Chambers USA

Ranked as a leader in bankruptcy/restructuring law in Washington, Bruce focuses his practice on business bankruptcy, workouts, business loan documentation and commercial litigation.

Brian McGinnis Named to Billy Penn’s List of Who’s Next in Law

Recognized as a young leader in law, Brian dominates as one of Philadelphia’s most dynamic labor and employment advocates.

Brett Berman Wins Landmark Taxi Decision

A civil rights suit filed by traditional medallion taxi businesses may proceed with claims of unequal treatment.

Yesenia Gallegos Honored Among “Most Powerful and Influential Women”

The National Diversity Council recognized Yesenia as one of Southern California’s most accomplished and dedicated women leaders.


Answers About the Most Recent Worldwide Ransomware Attack

A worldwide cyberattack once again exploited a vulnerability that has been known to experts for many months. These attacks are sure to continue and the best defense is knowledge. Awareness of how malware works and employee training to avoid the human error that may trigger an infection can prevent your organization from becoming a victim. 

This latest ransomware variant, referred to as “Petya,” is similar in many respects to the “WannaCry” ransomware that affected hundreds of thousands of computers in mid-May, using the same Eternal Blue exploit to infect computers. 


What To Keep in Mind as EU General Data Regulation Nears

Companies will be required to get “hard” consent from European Union citizens before each data processing activity once the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect in May 2018.

The law impacts both EU companies and businesses offering goods or services to citizens within the EU.

That’s very different from what Americans are used to, where a website privacy policy might disclose what happens to your information, but agreeing to it gives businesses broad license to do what they want, said Scott L. Vernick.

Blog Post

Lessons From France’s ‘Right To Disconnect’

Summer is the time for vacations, and with that comes the stress of balancing work pressures while out of the office. Many employees prefer not to take vacations when the alternative is trying to conduct work from a cell phone on the beach. Maybe a lesson can be learned from France and the recently publicized “right to disconnect.”

The French government has acknowledged the impact of persistent connectivity on both the economy and employee well-being. Since January 1, French employees have a right to unplug.


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