Student Positions

Positions for 2nd Year Law Students

Our summer program hiring is complete. If you would like to submit your resume and transcript to be considered for a future position, please complete our general online application here.

Diversity Clerkships for 1st Year Law Students

Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities Diversity in Practice (TCDIP) 1L Summer Rotation Clerkship

Fox Rothschild has an opening in our Minneapolis office for a first-year law student to join our summer program through the Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Summer Rotation Clerkship. The clerk will work as a summer associate, gaining experience and legal training from our attorneys for eight weeks and then will join the in-house legal team with our corporate partner for two weeks.  The ideal candidate will have leadership experience and a strong academic record. EOE.

Candidates must submit a resume, law school transcript, and cover letter to be considered. If your law school transcript is not yet available, please submit your undergraduate transcript and send us your law school transcript as soon as possible. Your cover letter must reference the “Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Summer Rotation Clerkship” and explain (1)  your interest in the Twin Cities legal market and (2) how you anticipate doing work for both a law firm and corporate legal team will benefit your career goals.

To apply, complete our online application here.

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