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The Delaware Court of Chancery is widely considered the preeminent forum for resolving disputes involving the internal affairs of the multitude of Delaware corporations and other business entities through which a vast amount of the world's commercial affairs is conducted. Join Carl as he helps guide you through the complex landscape of legal issues and analysis arising before this Court.
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Delaware Bankruptcy Litigation Blog
Carl shares his knowledge of Delaware bankruptcy proceedings in a blog entitled, "Delaware Bankruptcy Litigation." He offers his take on corporate bankruptcy proceedings not only in Delaware but throughout the United States, as well as industry insight on topics such as preference litigation, tenant bankruptcy and defending avoidance litigation.
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  • Chancery Denies Request for Injunctive Relief Regarding State Contract Award The recent opinion of Protech Solutions, Inc. v. The Delaware Department of Health and Human Services, C.A. No. 2017-0642-TMR (Del. Ch. Nov. 30, 2017) sets forth a helpful roadmap in terms of the Court’s determination of whether to uphold a state contract for professional services. There, Plaintiff Protech Solutions, Inc. (“Protech”) challenged the decision of the State of Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Child Support Services to grant a contract to another bidder in response to a Request for... More
  • Pre-Merger Suit Deemed Premature by Chancery, Dismissal Granted In a recent decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery, In re Straight Path Commc’ns Inc. Consol. S’holder Litig., Civil Action No. 2017-0486-SG (Del. Ch. Nov. 20, 20107), Vice Chancellor Glasscock stayed consideration of a pre-merger complaint brought by a stockholder, alleging claims that the controlling shareholder obtained a side deal at the expense of the corporation.  Because the deal had not yet consummated, plaintiff stockholder only sought monetary damages, while not opposing the closing of the merger.  Plaintiff asserted... More
  • Section 220 Demand Denied in Lawyer-Driven Litigation In the recent decision of Wilkinson v. Schulman, C.A. No. 2017-0138-VCL (Del. Ch. Nov. 13, 2017), the Court of Chancery denied a Section 220 books and records demand on the basis that even though the demand stated a “proper purpose”, the purpose was merely crafted by counsel for the stockholder in a lawyer manufactured litigation. The Court found that Wilkinson’s service as a nominal plaintiff for his law firm, Levi & Korsinksy LLP (“L&K”), in this action is consistent with his past relationship with... More
  • Real Industry Inc. Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Relief in Delaware On November 17, 2017, Real Industry, Inc., along with its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively the “Debtors” or “Real Industry”), filed a petition for relief under Chapter 11 in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Case No. 17-12464). According to the Declaration in Support of First Day Motions of Michael J. Hobey, liquidity issues and certain singular negative events have led to Real Industry’s bankruptcy filing. The Debtors operate an aluminum recycling and alloy production company based in Beachwood, Ohio. Contemporaneously, Real Alloy... More
  • Chancery Denies Derivative Action for Failure to Plead Demand Futility Under Delaware law, if a shareholder requests that a company pursue litigation, the decision whether to pursue litigation on behalf of the company generally resides with the board as an exercise of its business judgment.  A stockholder lacks standing to bring suit on the company’s behalf unless the stockholder (i) has demanded that the directors pursue the corporate claim and the demand is wrongfully refused; or (ii) purports to initiate litigation on behalf of the company and alleges with particularity... More
  • Digital Audio Files of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court Available Over the Internet Effective November 6, 2017, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware will start making audio recordings of certain proceedings available to the public through PACER, as well as the standard ECF notifications received by counsel.  The recordings themselves will be an attachment to a PDF document, and will be in MP3 format. Initially it will only be for proceedings before Judge Kevin J. Carey, although it may expand to other Judges in the future.  Click here for the notification posted... More
  • Liquidation Trustee’s Suit Against D&Os Falls Within Insured vs. Insured Exclusion In the recent decision of Indian Harbor Ins. Co. v. Zucker, 860 F.3d 373 (6th Cir. 2017), the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held that a liquidation trustee’s suit against the debtor’s former directors and officers (D&Os) falls within the “insured-versus-insured” exclusion in the debtor’s liability insurance policy. The liquidation trustee sued the D&Os for $18.8 million, alleging breach of fiduciary duties.  The insurance company filed a suit for a declaratory judgment that it had no obligation to cover any damages from... More
  • Incorporation Condition in Confidentiality Agreement Upheld in Books and Records Action In the recent DGCL Section 220 books and records decision of The City of Cambridge Retirement System v. Universal Health Services, Inc., C.A. No. 2017-0322-SG (Del. Ch. Oct. 12, 2017), the Court of Chancery considered the propriety of a condition imposed by the defendant corporation in a confidentiality agreement that any subsequent litigation relying on corporate records produced in the action be deemed to incorporate by reference all such records produced (the “Incorporation Condition”).  Stated differently, the defendants and/or its directors wished to be... More
  • Samson Resources Preference Actions Filed in Delaware Starting on September 12, 2017, Peter Kravitz, as Settlement Trustee of the Samson Settlement Trust, filed approximately 293 complaints seeking the avoidance and recovery of allegedly preferential and/or fraudulent transfers under Sections 547, 548 and 550 of the Bankruptcy Code. Samson Resources Corporation and its affiliated debtors filed voluntary petitions for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on September 16, 2015 under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.  The Debtors were an onshore oil and gas exploration and... More
  • HH Liquidation Preference Actions Filed in Delaware Starting on September 5, 2017, the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors on behalf of the bankruptcy estates of HH Liquidation, LLC and its affiliated debtors (“Debtors”) filed approximately 178 complaints seeking the avoidance and recovery of allegedly preferential and/or fraudulent transfers under Sections 547 and 550 of the Bankruptcy Code. The Debtors filed voluntary petitions for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on September 8, 2015 under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.  On September 21, 2015,... More
  • Conspiracy Theory of Jurisdiction Examined by Court of Chancery The recent decision of LVI Group Investments LLC v. NCM Group Holdings LLC, C.A. No. 12067-VCG (Del. Ch. Sept. 7, 2017) addresses the concept of conspiracy theory of jurisdiction, under which which a non-resident may be subject to Delaware court jurisdiction if a co-conspirator commits an act in Delaware in furtherance of the conspiracy. Specifically, according to the Delaware Supreme Court, a conspirator who is absent from the forum state is subject to the jurisdiction of the court, assuming he is properly served... More
  • Chancery Denies Application for Interlocutory Appeal in TransPerfect Global, Inc. Case In the latest development in the ongoing TransPerfect dispute, the Court of Chancery denied Ms. Shawe’s application for interlocutory appeal, in the opinion of Shawe v. TransPerfect Global, Inc., C.A. No. 2017-0306-AGB (Del. Ch. Sept. 7, 2017). By way of background, on August 13, 2015, the Court granted Elizabeth Elting’s petition to appoint a custodian (“the Custodian”) to sell TransPerfect Global, Inc. (“TPG” or the “Company”) under 8 Del. C. § 226 in order to remedy the dysfunction in the co-founders’ management of... More
  • Chancery Denies Motion to Vacate Arbitration Award In the recent decision of Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. v. REFAC Holdings, Inc., C.A. No. 11513-VCS (Del. Ch. Aug. 24, 2017), Vice Chancellor Slights denied a motion to vacate an arbitration award.  Noting that the “standard of judicial review with respect to such applications is among ‘the narrowest . . . in all of American jurisprudence'”, the Court found unconvincing defendants’ argument that the arbitration panel “eviscerate[d] the essential term” of the agreement sua sponte and then “permit[ted] the agreement to remain in effect... More
  • Model Reorg Acquisition, LLC Files for Bankruptcy in Delaware On August 26, 2017, Model Reorg Acquisition, LLC, and eighteen of its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Model Reorg” or “Debtors”), filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (No. 17-11794). The Debtors, which primarily operate under the brand “Perfumania”, comprise the largest national specialty retailer and distributor of fragrances and beauty products.  According to a press reslease issued by Perfumania Holdings, Inc., Model Reorg “has initiated a recapitalization... More
  • Chancery Grants Dissolution Under Section 18-802 of the LLC Act In the recent decision of In re: GR Burgr, LLC; GR US Licensing, LP v. Rowen Seibel, C.A. No. 12825-VCS (Del. Ch. Aug. 25, 2017), Vice Chancellor Slights entered an order judicially dissolving a Delaware limited liability company under Section 18-802 of the Delaware LLC Act. This decision provides an excellent roadmap for parties or practitioners seeking the judicial dissolution of a Delaware LLC. Background Here, petitioner GR US Licensing, LP (an entity affiliated with Gordon Ramsay) (“GRUS”), partnered with Respondent, Rowen Seibel,... More