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Fox attorneys monitor the steady developments in drone technology and the federal and state laws and regulations that cover them. Our blog, On the Radar, tracks legal updates and news about drones/UAS for a growing audience of businesses and users. Practice leader Mark J. Connot, associate Jason J. Zummo and others in the practice group discuss the legal, regulatory, and public policy issues involving UAS, including analysis of federal and state law considerations that may arise.

Recent Blog Posts

  • The Drone “Waiver” of the Future Jonathan D. Ash writes: The FAA has recently partnered with various digital platforms to create the “Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability” (LAANC) in an effort to streamline waiver authorization in controlled airspace. Normally, the process to obtain a waiver to fly in controlled airspace can take 90 days or even longer. But for some commercial operators who may need to get in the air quickly, that process makes little sense. For example, when there is breaking news, a journalist cannot sit back and... More
  • Drone Noise vs. Traffic Noise We have previously noted that people often view new technology with skepticism, and even trepidation bordering on fear. That perception changes as both costs decrease (resulting in more people using and adapting to the new technology) and the recognition of the tangible benefits produced by the new technology. In the early 20th Century, both automobiles and planes were new technology, and were initially met with resistance and skepticism. A recent NASA study analyzed human reaction to audio recordings of noise created... More
  • Get Off My Lawn (OK-Airspace): Legal Issues Raised By Drones Hovering Over Private Property Hardly a week goes by that someone does not ask me “What can I do if a drone flies or hovers over my property?” or the converse, “What restrictions are there on my operation of a drone over private property?”. From inexpensive toys to advanced recording equipment, drones are now being used throughout both residential neighborhoods and commercial spaces. However, the legality of drone usage over private property has become somewhat muddled. Many drone owners aren’t certain whether their drone or... More
  • Alert: Answers About the Most Recent Worldwide Ransomware Attack On June 27, a massive ransomware attack now known as “Petya” spread across the globe in a similar fashion to the WannaCry cyberattack in May. In an Alert today, Fox Chief Privacy Officer and Partner Mark McCreary breaks down what we know about the attack, how to address it if your organization falls victim to it, and how to minimize the risks of future attacks: Yesterday’s worldwide cyberattack once again exploited a vulnerability that has been known to experts for many months. These attacks are sure... More
  • State And Local Governments To Congress Re: Drones –The Times, They Are A-Changin’ Come Senators, Congressmen  Please heed the call  Don’t stand in the doorway  Don’t block up the hall  For he that gets hurt  Will be he who has stalled  There’s a battle outside  And it is ragin’  It’ll soon shake your windows  And rattle your walls  For the times they are a-changin’ Bob Dylan – “The Times, They Are A-Changin” Unless this is your first visit to our blog (and if it is, welcome), you know that we have addressed the tension between the federal government vs. state and local governments regarding regulating... More
  • The Emerging Use of Drones in Illinois Powered by developments in aviation, sensing, and software technology, the drone industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries, with sales expected to top $12 billion by 2021.[2] Within the next decade, the commercial drone industry alone is expected to generate more than $82 billion and could provide 100,000 new jobs.[3] The unprecedented growth of the drone and unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”) industry has not waited for governmental regulation to catch up. Now, federal, state, and municipal governments... More
  • Trump Administration Discusses the Future of Drones Jonathan Ash writes: With the Trump Administration’s focus on jobs and building the economy, it makes perfect sense that it would explore opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries right now: drones.  In what may be the first direct outreach to the drone industry, President Trump is scheduled to meet with leaders of several drone companies to discuss the growing industry and the regulatory landscape. According to a White House spokesman, President Trump will see “demonstrations of how these technologies... More
  • Drone Federalism Act Does Not Solve Federal vs. State Authority The challenge presented by having federal, state and local authorities all attempting to regulate drones is a topic we have addressed on this blog and in other publications (see links below). Unfortunately, a solution to that challenge remains elusive. State and local authorities continue to assert that they possess the authority to regulate drones. That position, coupled with the current state of the federal regulatory process , has now been further complicated by the introduction of the Drone Federalism Act of 2017 (“Drone Federalism... More
  • Drone legal issues and filming — New York City Drone Film Festival Recently, several members of my Firm and I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the New York City Drone Film Festival (“NYCDFF”) regarding legal issues and drones. Thanks to the excellent moderation of Randy Slavin, the founder of the NYCDFF, we had the opportunity to discuss several legal issues. While the presentation was directed to attendees of the NYCDFF, the discussion encompassed a fairly wide breadth of legal issues.  Among the issues discussed are the current state of drone regulations, first... More
  • Video: Fox Attorneys Provide a 2017 Drone Law Update at the NYC Drone Film Festival On March 18, Fox attorneys Mark Connot, Brian Rothery, Christopher Beall and Imraan Farukhi participated in a panel discussion entitled “Up in the Air: 2017 Drone Law Update” as part of the Third Annual New York City Drone Film Festival. The festival is “the world’s first event exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography,” and offers an international platform for filmmakers from around the world to exhibit their work for the drone community and the film industry. The discussion covered... More