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  • Commodities Taking a Tumble – Are Prices Going Down the Drain? I am not sure if you have been watching, but the price of oil, gold futures and platinum futures are on the decline, according to Bloomberg Markets. When oil prices drop below that $50 per barrel mark, I have noticed that folks start getting heartburn and start to worry if prices are going down the drain… Although other commodity prices are declining, let’s focus on the price of oil and breakdown the important information concerning the same: According to an article in Bloomberg... More
  • Coal Miners No Longer Left in the Dust: Update from the Cowboy State After spending the weekend in Wyoming, I thought I would give you an update from my home state. As you may remember, I come from a long line of coal miners – back when the country was primarily powered by coal, the coal industry also fueled my family.  Today, the update centers on the coal industry. Help for Coal Miners – U.S. Department of Labor Grant The big news for the Cowboy State is that, “Wyoming has received up to $2 million to... More
  • Secret Ingredients: Chocolate Cake and Oil Prices Lately, I have realized that many things in life have unspoken, secret ingredients. Often, we do not even realize the role that these secret ingredients play, when in reality, they really make or break the whole deal. These secret ingredients can fly under the radar, but are absolutely crucial components. Take my go to chocolate cake for example – a few months back, I baked it with chocolate that I had brought back from Paris, and when I opened my pantry... More
  • Ready for the Runoff?   My dad mentioned something the other day that peaked my interest – he said parts of Wyoming were getting ready for floods. Floods?! This got me thinking – is the West ready for the spring runoff? Parts of the West got dumped on this winter – snow levels were very high in many places and there are high levels of snowpack. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort reports that it has received 548 inches for a season total as of today, on the upper mountain. In... More
  • Energy Update from the Sunshine State – Florida While working from Fox’s Miami office this week, I thought I would give you an energy update from the Sunshine State. As I previously mentioned in a post I wrote while I was working from Fox’s Los Angeles office, which can be found here, it is easy to be isolated in the Rocky Mountain region and to keep our focus on the energy sector in our neighboring states. But, it is important to remember that many other states impact the energy industry of the country... More
  • 3 Key Spring Takeaways From the EIA’s March 2017 Drilling Productivity Report   Spring is in the air here in Denver! Many of us have spring fever and have been looking forward to blooming flowers, sunshine and warm weather. So you may be curious what is about to bloom in the energy sector… Earlier this week, the US. Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) released its March 2017 Drilling Productivity Report for key tight oil and shale gas regions. A full copy of the report can be found here. What is the EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report? According to... More
  • Takeaways from the Most Recent NDIC Director’s Cut   Yesterday, Lynn Helms, Director of Mineral Resources for the North Dakota Industrial Commission, Department of Mineral Resources (“NDIC”), issued his monthly Director’s Cut newsletter. The full Director’s Cut can be found here. To me, reading the monthly Director’s Cut is like sitting down to coffee with Lynn Helms and picking his brain – its like having a conversation with the man in the know in North Dakota. I wish every oil producing Rocky Mountain state put one of these newsletters out... More
  • 307 & 303: Neighboring States Recovering from the Bust at Different Paces   Wyoming and Colorado appear to be recovering from the downturn in the oil and gas industry at different paces. 307 (Wyoming) Yesterday, the Casper Star Tribune featured an article discussing the “slugglish” and “flat” Wyoming economy entitled, “Wyoming Economy has been ‘Bouncing Along the Bottom’ Since the Summer.” According to the Casper Star Tribune, “[a] Wyoming Insight report released by the state’s Economic Analysis Division in February showed a slight improvement in both energy prices and the statewide rig count, but the... More
  • Is the Bakken Fixin’ to End? Is its Heyday Over?   Earlier this week, Forbes published an article entitled, “The Beginning of the End for the Bakken Shale Play,” that likely caused many hearts to sink. In fact, I started writing this blog discussing the article yesterday and I didn’t have the stomach to finish it until this morning… What is the article’s main prediction? Basically that the heyday in the Bakken is over…that the decline in the Bakken has signaled “the beginning of the end for the Bakken Shale play.” It is worth... More
  • Baby, It’s Been Cold Outside: High December Natural Gas Consumption The U.S. Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) released its Natural Gas Monthly (“NGM”) update today based upon December 2016 data – the full report can be found here. According to an Oil & Gas 360 article published today entitled, “December Natural Gas Consumption Second Highest in 15 years: EIA,” the NGM outlines both U.S. natural gas production and consumption for the month of December 2016. The takeaway point is simple: December was a cold month – so natural gas consumption was way up! As I... More