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  • Industrial Internet Of Things and the Shell Cracker What does the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) have to do with the Shell Cracker? A lot… We have heard a great deal about the $6 billion construction of the Shell ethane cracker underway in Beaver County. The construction phase of course brings to mind the erection of a huge physical plant complex: Source: Shell Oil Some 6,000 workers from a myriad of construction trades will bring the cracker to life. Once online, this highly complex facility will first “crack,” or break apart, ethane’s... More
  • 2 Infosys Innovation Hubs Announced / 2 To Be Selected The Indian IT global outsourcing firm Infosys (NYSE: INFY), recently announced that it plans to hire 10,000 American workers over the next two years. Copyright: theerapong28 / 123RF Stock Photo Infosys and other India-based information technology consulting companies have come under fire lately for their use of the H-1B visa program. These foreign consulting firms have been the leading sponsors of H-1B visa holders for some years now and have been criticized for allegedly displacing American IT workers. To counter this backlash, Infosys will... More
  • Craving Another Long Weekend? So Are OPEC Members…   This morning, I read a Bloomberg article entitled, These Numbers Show the Huge Challenges Now Facing OPEC Members, that stated, “[t]he price of a barrel of Brent crude has more than halved over the past five years, triggering an existential crisis for the world’s biggest oil producers.” I sipped my coffee and thought, Très mal way to start the morning. Well truth be told, I sipped my coffee and looked up the definition of existential crisis, then I thought to myself,... More
  • Happy Birthday Wyoming and an Update from the Cowboy State   127 years ago today, on July 10, 1890, Wyoming was entered into the Union as the 44th state. As we celebrate the date of Statehood, here is an update from the Cowboy State: According to the Casper Star Tribune’s Energy Journal of today’s date, which can be found here, activity in the energy sector is picking up in Wyoming. The rig count in Wyoming as of July 7, 2017, according to Baker Hughes, is sitting at 25 rigs – this is up... More
  • Pipeline Investment Program Underway Copyright: 36clicks / 123RF Stock Photo Abundance of Natural Gas From Marcellus Leads to Government Pipeline Investment Program to Connect the “Last Mile”… Pennsylvania has embarked upon a economic grant program to make low-cost natural gas energy available to its residents, manufacturers and other organizations residing in the State. Realizing the economic competitive advantage which natural gas affords its residents in terms of energy consumption, the State is providing grants aimed at connecting the last few miles of natural gas distribution lines... More
  • First Ethane Storage Facility Slated for Monroe County in Ohio Ethane Storage –Critical Need for Development of Additional Crackers in Tri-State Area Copyright: 36clicks / 123RF Stock Photo As noted in my prior post, the abundance of ethane from the Marcellus Shale Play has the potential to support an additional three crackers. A critical bottleneck, however, to such construction in the Tri-State area is the lack of storage capacity for ethane. Ethane is highly volatile at room temperature and when mixed with air, it can be explosive in nature. Thus, industry practice is... More
  • EQT/Rice Merger Marks Turning Point for Regional Downstream Opportunities in the Appalachian Basin EQT’s announcement last week of its acquisition of Rice Energy marks the end of one phase and the beginning of another in the epic U.S. shale revolution. Marcellus 1.0, as I like to refer to it, was mainly about rapidly amassing scale and establishing staying power in the face of enduring lackluster commodity prices. In fact, the merger deal is a proximate result of the Darwinian shakeout of marginal producers that occurred during Marcellus 1.0. The acreage ultimately to be... More
  • What Is All the Hype About More Ethane Crackers Coming to the Marcellus Shale Play? It is widely rumored that the Marcellus Shale Play can support a total of 3 ethane crackers. The math goes like this: By 2026-2030, an additional 267,000 barrels per day (b/d) of ethane could be available for use as a petrochemical feedstock from the Marcellus Shale Play; It is estimated that a world class cracker like Shell’s requires 90,000 b/d of ethane in order to produce the projected 1.5 million metric ton per year of ethylene; Thus, an additional 267,000 b/d of ethane is... More
  • See You at the Northeast U.S. Petrochemical Construction Conference June 19-20, 2017  Pittsburgh, PA Copyright: 36clicks / 123RF Stock Photo Over 400 attendees are expected to attend this groundbreaking conference focused upon the construction of Shell Oil’s $6 billion ethane-steam-fed cracker located some 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Conference particulars can be found at the Northeast U.S. Petrochemical Construction Conference website. Construction is slated to commence in the fall of 2017. I’m planning to attend the conference and will provide updates afterwards.... More
  • New York: Energy Update from the Big Apple Working from New York makes a person think about energy…the amount of energy it takes to fuel the sparkling Big Apple, the energy that radiates from the charming, lovely old architecture, and the energy from all the folks walking the sidewalks. The talk of the town? Oil prices. As I write this, oil prices are continuing to slip a little more. According to Bloomberg Energy, WTI is currently at $44.47 per barrel, down .58% and Brent crude is at $46.87, down .28%. The... More