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  • Perception Can Be Misleading: Survey Shows Americans Significantly Overestimate Role of Renewables A new national survey and report by Makovsky, entitled How Americans Make Energy Decisions – And the Sources and Channels They Trust the Most, has been recently released. The full study can be accessed here. As discussed in the Oil & Gas 360 article, New Survey Shows that Americans Significantly Overestimate Renewable Energy’s Role in Powering the Nation, the results reflect a big difference between perception and reality. As someone who consistently overestimates things (IE: “my car is parked 5 miles from... More
  • Using What You Have: Pumpkin Bread and Energy Resources   This time of year, canned pumpkin seems to line my pantry shelves and people start bringing me zucchini from their gardens to use in my baking. For this reason, nearly everything I bake in the fall contains pumpkin or zucchini – there is something about the leaves changing that makes me long for the smell of warm spices. I even spike my coffee in the mornings with cinnamon and nutmeg. Luckily, a friend’s husband who was recently in Qatar brought... More
  • What Would John Wayne Say About the Future of Oil Prices? Lately, it seems like everyone is trying to predict the future of oil prices. I tend to think predicting the future of anything is frankly, pretty darn difficult. See my post last month entitled, “Is Predicting the Future of Energy Like Driving Down a Dirt Road at Night with No Lights On.” It got me thinking…what would the legendary cowboy, John Wayne, say about the future of oil prices? Hold your horses, pilgrim… First, what are energy folks saying about the future of... More
  • EIA’s Winter Outlook + Sheridan’s New Coal Mine   Two things are on my mind today: (1) winter is coming – I am so ready for some snow, hot cider and a refreshing chill to the air (it is supposed to be in the 80s all weekend in Denver, but I am still ready to unpack my sweaters and snow shoes!), and (2) Wyoming is moving forward with opening a new coal mine near Sheridan, Wyoming. On the concept of winter being just around the bend, the U.S. Energy Information... More
  • Arch Coal Successfully Emerges from Bankruptcy   Arch Coal has announced that it has successfully completed financial restructuring and has emerged from bankruptcy.  Shares of the reorganized company began trading last week on the NYSE under the ticker ARCH, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The company’s full press release can be found here. Why is this important? Arch’s footprint across the U.S. is large – the company, and its subsidiaries, reportedly have a leading position in every major U.S. coal basin, including Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky... More
  • Oil Price over $50 for the First Time Since June It’s time for some good news! U.S. oil prices are once again over the $50 mark! Before you pop the champagne, here is what you need to know to be up to speed: The Wall Street Journal (“WSJ”) published an article today entitled, “How a Saudi Royal Sparked an OPEC Deal and Set Oil Prices Past $50” – that’s right, the bump in oil prices is attributable to the new oil production deal with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies (“OPEC”) The... More
  • American Soda Ash Competitiveness Act: A Needed Boost for Wyoming   About this time last year, I wrote a little primer on a not very well-known but critically important hard rock mineral, trona – read the full post here.  You may remember that my home state of Wyoming has the world’s largest deposit of trona and that after trona is processed, it is commonly known as “soda ash.” I have also been writing about the drastic impact the downturn in the energy industry has had on Wyoming. Not just the downturn in... More
  • Takeaways from OPEC Deal and Price of Oil If you’re anything like me, you have had a crazy busy week. Here, I will hit the highpoints of the OPEC deal to keep you up to speed: Main Takeaway Point: OPEC agreed to cut output and it prompted big gains in crude prices. Yesterday, OPEC reportedly “agreed to the outline of a deal that will cut production for the first time in 8 years.” Note: It is just a preliminary outline to cut OPEC’s collective output, as noted by a Wall Street... More
  • Casualty of the Downturn: Casper Petroleum Club Shutting its Doors Traveling to Casper, Wyoming on business in the oil industry will never be the same. In the years when I first started practicing law, my boss and mentor would often take me to the Casper Petroleum Club for dinner.  He told me that it was the place where oil and gas deals have been made since the 1950s.  He would recount stories from when he was a young lawyer of how boisterous oilmen would come in and talk shop over a drink and a... More
  • Denver Office Market Still Feeling the Impacts of the Downturn in the Energy Industry Earlier this spring, we wrote about the Denver office market feeling the pinch of the downturn in the oil and gas industry. The full post, “Denver Feeling the Pinch: Denver Office Market Finally Feeling the Effects of Downturn in Energy Industry,” can be found here. The Denver Business Journal recently ran an article entitled, “Energy slump opens up office space in metro Denver” in which attributed current vacant office space in Denver’s central business district to “low energy prices resulting in... More