Clocking in: New Jersey Wage & Hour Laws

September 10, 2012 at 3:00pm

New Jersey’s analog to Fair Labor Standards Act is the New Jersey Law Wage & Hour Law. Despite the backdrop of a robust federal statute, New Jersey statutes, the NJDOL and the NJ courts have developed a unique and “cutting edge” jurisprudence. While much of the NJ law may seem familiar to those experienced with the FLSA, there are many crucial differences that can have a major impact on NJ employers. This course is a primer for attorneys who may handle wage & hour matters in New Jersey.

Learning Objectives:
I. Understand Key Exemptions
II. Identify Working Time Issues
III. Determine Employees vs. Independent Contractors
IV. Know Wage Payment Issues
V. Comprehend Wage & Hour Class Action Issues
VI. Respond to a DOL Audit

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