Employee Travel Pay Explained: Wage & Hour Road Rules for HR

May 17, 2012
Business & Legal Reports, Inc.

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

Wage and hour litigation and Department of Labor enforcement remain two of the hottest HR challenges. Last year alone, the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division received 40,000 complaints, a 15-percent increase from the previous year.

Employee travel poses a significant risk since it raises questions about what is and isn't compensable. Unless your workforce is home-based, your employees are commuting to and from the workplace, to and from job sites, and to and from hotels, airports, and conferences. Even telecommuters may be entitled to pay for travel time in certain instances.

The trick is to know what type of travel is compensable -- and from what point. Participate in this interactive webinar and you'll get up-to-date on the latest travel time rules and wage & hour regulations, so you can stay in compliance and off the DOL's radar.

You'll learn:
•How federal and state employment laws, including FLSA and the Portal-to-Portal Act, will affect your existing workplace travel pay policies -- and what to do when these federal rules conflict with state regulations
•The standards you must apply when gauging whether commuting time or travel during regular work hours qualifies as paid work time
•How to handle the most common issues with overnight travel, such as the different wage & hour rules for work performed by exempt and nonexempt employees
•What types of waiting time and on-call time will be compensable for employees, including checking e-mail or smartphones outside work hours
•If you must always pay workers for time spent at training programs, seminars, and conferences
•The special factors that could change your travel pay obligations, such as employees driving their own vehicles or responding to work-related emergencies
•Best practices for drafting effective travel pay policies
•WEBINAR BONUS: Samples travel pay policies will be included in your handout!
•And much more...

In just 90 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know to stay in compliance with the latest wage & hour laws affecting employee travel time compensation.


Mark E. Tabakman, Esq.
Fox Rothschild LLP


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