Late Stage Strategies in Venture Capital

December 2, 2010
Ted D. Rosen
ACG New York
Sentry Center Midtown East

4:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

This conference will bring together venture capitalists, private equity sponsors, entrepreneurs, professional advisors and business consultants to analyze the legal and business issues relevant to navigating today's later stage venture capital world.


  • Latest financing trends
  • wing the VC backed company
  • Recent trends in VC financing terms
  • Current deal terms
  • Private equity and strategic buyer mindset
  • Exit deal terms and strategies
  • New security law implications


  • Speaker, Brendan McGovern, Co-Founder & CFO,
  • Moderator, Ted Rosen, Partner, Fox Rothschild
  • Harry Chevan, Senior Advisor, Agile Equity
  • Noah J. Kroloff, Partner, NGN Capital
  • Ken Fox, Managing Partner, Stripes Group, LLC
  • Chris Sugden, Managing Partner, Edison Ventures