Taking Care of Business and Working Overtime: Travel Time, Training Time, On-Call Time and Smart Phone Usage Cases

January 12, 2015 at 1:00pm
Audio Solutionz

During this webinar you will learn when certain preliminary and postliminary functions-functions undertaken before or after work-can possibly be classified as compensable working time. You will get access to a virtual "law book" written in an easy-to-read style to provide employers and HR professionals with a basic understanding of what the flashpoint issues are and when they may become presenting problems. Attendees will get practical advice accompanied by just enough legalities analysis to ensure that they will be able to spot problem areas and know how to fix them.

This session will examine the following areas where calculating overtime is mostly a challenge:

  • Travel Time
  • Training Time
  • On-Call Time
  • Class Actions
  • PDA/Email Cases under the FLSA

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