The Impact of the National Labor Relations Act on Non-Union Employers

February 21, 2013 at 10:00am

This course will focus on the National Labor Relations Act and its impact on non-union employers. Fox's Mark E. Tabakman will review how the NLRA applies to non-union employees and what activities are specifically protected. He will also expand on what employer actions violate the NLRA and what economic pressures exist in non-union working environments, and he will explain what role employers have in the organization of unions. Mark will conclude by addressing new requirements of the NLRA and how it has been applied to social media and employer social media policies.

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Learn How the NLRA Applies to Non-Union Employees
  • Understand What Actions are Protected by the NLRA
  • Explain how Employers Impact the Organization of Employees
  • Know Recent Applications of the NLRA


Mark E. Tabakman


AK - 1.00
AR - 1.00
AZ - 1.00
CA - 1.00
GA - 1.00
HI - 1.00
IL - 1.00
MO - 1.00
ND - 1.00
NJ - 1.00
NY - 1.00

PLEASE NOTE: This course will count as 1.0 "Professional Practice" Credits for New York Bridge the Gap.


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