Andres Oppenheimer: A Nobel Prize for Raul Castro!

September 30, 2015
Miami Herald

Raúl J. Valdés-Fauli was featured in the Miami Herald article “Andres Oppenheimer: A Nobel Prize for Raul Castro!” Full text can be found in the September 17, 2015 issue, but a synopsis is below.

In a speech to the United Nations, Raul Castro has demanded reparations from the United States due to human and economic damages suffered by the trade embargo placed on Cuba over the past five decades. Castro failed to mention that the country was responsible for the confiscation of up to $7 billion in United States properties prior to the embargo.

Raúl J. Valdés-Fauli, who is represents claims in Cuba, mentions that Cuban-American legislators in congress “are using the compensation issue as their main excuse to impede the lifting if the U.S. Embargo.” He continues by stating, “We do business with totalitarian countries, such as China and Vietnam, despite their human-rights issues. What’s Unique about Cuba are the unresolved property claims.”