Because international law often straddles an array of practice areas, we have formed an interdisciplinary international practice group that allows our clients to receive comprehensive legal advice on their international matters, regardless of geographical location. We provide a full range of legal services to U.S. and foreign clients doing international business, including:

Cross-Border Commercial Transactions

International corporate law is a web of private contractual arrangements, national laws and foreign country laws, and the breadth and extent of its complexity is often times not fully recognized or appreciated. Adding to the complication is the varied forms that international business operations assume, such as incoming/outgoing foreign investments, foreign joint ventures, foreign distributor/agent relationships, foreign mergers and acquisitions, international restructurings, new technology exploitation and intellectual property licensing.

We represent small and medium-sized businesses, multinational concerns, U.S.-based operations, foreign operations and industries of all types in a variety of commercial transactions that have an international component, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity and venture capital, securities, finance and structured finance, contracts, inter-company and capital goods transactions, outsourcing, sales and distribution and cross-border franchising. Additionally, we frequently serve as local counsel for foreign companies looking to establish subsidiaries in the United States.

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International Insurance and Reinsurance

We provide representation in international reinsurance and insurance to reinsurers, insurance companies and offshore captives.

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Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy Transactions and Litigation

We represent debtors, unsecured creditors, financial institutions, equity holders, buyers and other parties in domestic and cross-border bankruptcy and insolvency restructuring.

Cross-Border Arbitration, Litigation and Resolution

We defend client interests in international arenas and before administrative bodies throughout the world. We have a particular emphasis in international alternative dispute resolution and arbitration, including arbitration award confirmations, and provide mediation services in both pre-litigation and litigation settings. We also handle trade secrets, contract disputes and SLAPP matters.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management and Enforcement

We help clients protect their intellectual assets on a global stage. We offer enforcement and management of copyright, trademark and patent rights and handle copyright and trademark infringement actions as well as licensing issues. We also counsel clients on freedom to operate matters.


We represent U.S. and foreign entities in the transfer of personnel, the employment of foreign nationals and compliance with U.S. immigration laws.

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Cross-Border Taxation

Every international business transaction must consider the tax consequences likely to be encountered both in the country where the party undertaking the transaction is domiciled and the country where the transaction is undertaken. Failure to do so could potentially turn an otherwise-profitable transaction into a losing proposition. In the United States, international business transactions are taxed according to the Internal Revenue Code, Internal Revenue Regulations and a series of tax treaties negotiated on an ongoing and individual basis with various foreign countries. Outside the United States, they are taxed according to respective tax laws and regulations and individually negotiated, country-specific tax treaties.

Our attorneys provide cross-border tax and business consulting to clients, helping them navigate through the myriad and complex laws, and provide assistance with tax-related issues that arise in international transactions with the goal of minimizing transaction-related taxes.

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Multinational Estate Planning

We represent U.S. clients owning property or having beneficiaries in foreign countries and foreign non-residents who have family members or own assets in the United States with multinational estate and tax planning.

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International Environmental

We assist clients with country-specific directives on hazardous material content and packaging and provide environmental liabilities counseling. We have represented, for example: A large U.S.-based electronics information technology business in several multibillion-dollar transactions, providing guidance on compliance with U.S. and foreign environmental laws and regulations, performing due diligence, and negotiating environmental representations, warranties and indemnification language. Several foreign-owned companies on environmental enforcement matters in the United States, including Superfund liabilities.

Other International Services We Provide Include:

  • Employee benefits
  • Real estate acquisition and leasing