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California’s legal climate presents unique challenges to businesses operating in the state. A frequent author and speaker on employment law, Jeff is a regular contributor to the firm’s California Employment Law blog, providing insight into the full spectrum of California labor laws concerning class actions, wage and hour issues, overtime matters, discrimination and harassment claims, privacy concerns, accommodations and other issues.

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  • CA State Minimum Wage Increases on January 1, 2017 On January 1, 2017, the California minimum wage will increase for businesses with more than 25 employees from $10 per hour to $10.50 per hour. This is another step toward a $15 per hour minimum wage on January 1, 2022. You can see a schedule of the planned increases here. The legislation allows the governor to pause increases for a year if budget or economic factors dictate. Copyright: svlumagraphica / 123RF Stock Photo In addition, more than 20 cities and counties, three ports,... More
  • Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Rules Set to Take Effect December 1, 2016 Many employers have taken steps to comply with the US Department of Labor’s Final Overtime Rule that was set to take effect on December 1st. But yesterday, a District Court judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction barring the rules from taking effect nationwide. You can read our take on the issue here. Copyright: rangizzz / 123RF Stock Photo... More
  • New California Employment Laws for 2017 Here’s your annual roundup of new California employment laws. Since we’ve discussed many of these laws when they were enacted, I’m including links to those earlier discussions. Changes to California’s Fair Pay Act – When it took effect at the start of 2016, the Fair Pay Act was the most exacting equal pay law in the country. Effective January 1, 2017, following the passage of SB 1063 and AB 1676, it’s expanding significantly. First, the requirement of equal pay for substantially similar... More
  • Another Benefit of Arbitrating Employment Disputes One of my least favorite phrases in blogging is “repurposing content.” The verb “repurposing” hurts my ears. You can give something a purpose, but you’re not “purposing” it. And if “purposing” isn’t a verb, how did “repurposing” become one? While I hate the term, I love the concept. We’ve posted to this blog over 550 times since 2009. Every one of those posts was not completely unique in all respects. Take, for example, my posts about the pros and cons of... More