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California’s legal climate presents unique challenges to businesses operating in the state. A frequent author and speaker on employment law, Jeff is a regular contributor to the firm’s California Employment Law blog, providing insight into the full spectrum of California labor laws concerning class actions, wage and hour issues, overtime matters, discrimination and harassment claims, privacy concerns, accommodations and other issues.

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  • Phishing Scams Targeting HR and Payroll Are on the Rise this Tax Season Copyright: maxxyustas / 123RF Stock Photo It starts with an e-mail from upper management asking for employee data or payroll records. Wanting to demonstrate that he’s diligent and responsive, a well-meaning HR or payroll person promptly sends off the requested information. Unfortunately, despite appearances, the e-mail is not from upper management. It’s from a crook trying to run a “phishing” or “spear phishing” scam. So the employee eager to show himself as diligent and responsive ends up looking gullible and a... More
  • 7 Takeaways from the EEOC’s Guidance on Mental Health Conditions A December 2016 publication from the EEOC titled “Depression, PTSD, & Other Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace: Your Legal Rights” doesn’t exactly break new ground. It does, however, highlight issues that arise repeatedly in disability discrimination cases and, therefore, bear repeating. Here are the key takeaways: The definition of what constitutes a disability is broader than many realize. The guidance tells employees: “You can get a reasonable accommodation for any mental health condition that would, if left untreated, ‘substantially limit’ your ability... More
  • Future of California’s Marijuana Laws Appears Hazy What do you get when you cross blue state liberal marijuana laws with red state conservatism? A purple haze. Copyright: chris2766 / 123RF Stock Photo California voters approved recreational use of marijuana for adults in the November 2016 election. But federal law still characterizes marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic. The extent to which the current administration will attempt to enforce federal marijuana laws in more permissive states is anyone’s guess. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made comments at a press conference... More