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Animal Law Update

Fox's Animal Law Update provides up-to-date information and relevant news on a myriad of topics that affect some of our four-legged friends. Join our team of seasoned attorneys as they offer valuable insight to proposed regulatory and statutory amendments that may impact your animal-related businesses or activities.
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Delaware Bankruptcy Litigation

The Delaware Bankruptcy Litigation blog offers insight and updates on corporate bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware and throughout the United States.
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Delaware Chancery Law Blog

The Delaware Court of Chancery is widely considered the preeminent forum for resolving disputes involving the internal affairs of the multitude of Delaware corporations and other business entities through which a vast amount of the world's commercial affairs is conducted. Join our Delaware corporate and commercial litigation attorneys—who are skilled at navigating this precedent-setting arena—as they guide you through the complex landscape of legal issues and analysis arising before this Court.
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Delaware Intellectual Property Litigation Blog

Wilmington attorney Gregory B. Williams explores the decisions issued by the U.S. District Court of Delaware in the areas of antitrust and intellectual property law.
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Delaware Family Law & Trial Practice Blog

Join our Wilmington litigators as they navigate through Delaware’s Family Court, Superior Court and Court of Common Pleas, providing analysis on matters, identifying new cases and developments, detailing the implications of court decisions and offering step-by-step commentary of the trial process.
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IP Spotlight Blog

Intellectual property is often the lifeblood of a company. As an experienced IP and registered patent attorney, James Singer keeps you up-to-date with the legal and business aspects of intellectual property and other intangible assets on his IP Spotlight blog. Covering topics such as licensing, due diligence, acquisition, compliance and risk management associated with patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, IP Spotlight provides insight, commentary and tips regarding recent legislation and developments in the industry.
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Lone Star Bench & Bar Blog

Lone Star Bench & Bar is a blog about being a lawyer — and specifically about being a litigator in the state of Texas in the first quarter of the 21st Century. Authored by attorneys in Fox Rothschild’s Dallas office, the blog offers insights and analysis on the daily challenges lawyers face and the creative solutions they find.
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Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog

Privacy compliance and electronic data security affect almost every business. Data breach prevention is essential. Fox Rothschild's Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog will help readers navigate through the policies and best practices of data breach response. The Blog covers topics including compliance with data protection laws and regulatory enforcement and litigation as well.
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Securities Compliance Sentinel Blog

The highly regulated securities and financial industry has a host of complex problems—and financial institutions often find themselves on the receiving end of audits, investigations and other compliance issues. Our seasoned securities attorneys have the knowledge and experience to address cutting edge industry issues. Join them in their exploration of this increasingly complex area.
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South Florida Trial Blog

To successfully navigate South Florida’s court system, it’s key to have a trusted team of experienced trial litigators to help you tackle complex legal issues throughout the region. Attorneys in our West Palm Beach office possess extensive knowledge of the commercial litigation, corporate bankruptcy and other issues that wind their way through the courts in South Florida. Their blog provides informed analysis and insight into cases, decisions, rules and other matters that could impact your company's claims and defenses in civil courts, bankruptcy courts and other forums.

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Recent Blog Posts

  • So I Guess It Is All About The Seniors Contrary to what the title may suggest, I am not referring to students who are about to graduate from high school or college. Instead, this post is about that group of our society who all too often (based upon my years of defending broker-dealers) are claimants in FINRA arbitrations; senior investors. As part of its ongoing effort to protect seniors, FINRA recently introduced Rule 2165 and amended Rule 4512. Both rules reflect a growing trend to provide greater protection to seniors. Rule... More
  • Supreme Court: useful articles such as clothing can include copyrightable elements A new Supreme Court decision helps to clarify the extent to which copyright law can protect design elements of a useful article, such as an article of clothing. The Copyright Act states that “useful articles” are generally not eligible for copyright protection. Because an article of clothing is useful, many courts have limited copyright protection for clothing to elements such as fabric prints. However, in Star Athletica, L.L.C. v. Varsity Brands, Inc., the Court ruled that a design element incorporated into clothing (or... More
  • Is it time to get pet insurance? As recently reported by healthypaws® Pet Insurance & Foundation in Cost of Pet Care: 2016, “[v]eterinarians have a greater ability to treat and save sick animals now more than ever before.” The AVMA offers guidance to both pet owners and veterinarians “recogniz[ing] that viable pet health insurance programs will be important to the future of the veterinary profession’s ability to continue to provide high quality and up-to-date veterinary service.”  The AVMA, while not endorsing any specific pet insurer, includes a list... More
  • Florida Considers Going Unlimited With Medical Marijuana In November 2016, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved, with more than 70% voting yes, expanded medical marijuana by passing Amendment 2. Now comes the tough work of implementing Amendment 2.  One bill, SB 614, proposes to throw out the current medical marijuana system in Florida (which was set up in 2015 to grow, process and distribute low-THC cannabis oil) which strictly capped the number of businesses allowed to participate in medical marijuana. St. Petersburg Republican Jeff Brandes, the proponent of SB 614, calls... More
  • Forum Selection Clauses: Mandatory or Permissive? No Magic Words Required! Contractual forum selection clauses may be “mandatory” or “permissive”.  However, there are times when a forum selection clause that appears to be permissive is actually mandatory.  Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal recently addressed such a situation in Quick Cash, LLC, v. Tradenet Enterprises Inc., 3rd DCA Case No. 3D16-1640 (Fla. 3d DCA Feb. 22, 2017). In Quick Cash, the Third DCA was asked to consider whether this clause required the parties to litigate in California: This purchase order shall be deemed... More
  • Summer Is Coming – It’s Not Too Late To Plan for Summer Camp For many children the best part of summer is summer camp. Camps can provide the opportunity to learn everything from computer skills to surfing.  And, as the saying goes, summer camp is the place where strangers become friends and friendships last forever. For many divorced or separated parents, planning to send a child to summer camp requires additional consideration in order to coordinate schedules.  To that end, many custody orders provide timelines for discussing plans or selecting contact weeks.  Under the current Delaware Contact Guidelines,  the... More
  • Judge Andrews Denies Defendants’ Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings Asserting Lack of Patent-Eligible Subject Matter By Memorandum Opinion entered by The Honorable Richard G. Andrews in Sonos, Inc. v. D&M Holdings Inc. et al., Civil Action No. 14-1330-RGA (D.Del. March 13, 2017), the Court denied Defendants’ Motion for Partial Judgment on the Pleadings for Lack of Patent-Eligible Subject Matter under Section 101 of the Patent Act, 35 U.S.C. § 101. The patents at issue in the motion were U.S. Patent Nos. 8,588,949 (“the ‘949 patent”), 7,571,014 (“the ‘014 patent”), 9,202,509 (“the ‘509 patent”), and 9,219,959... More
  • Can a patent expire before it issues?   In certain situations, yes.  Ordinarily, the term of a patent begins on the grant date and ends twenty years after the filing date of the patent. If the patent claims priority to an earlier-filed nonprovisional patent application, then the twenty-year term is calculated from the filing date of the earlier-filed application. However, an unusual situation can arise if a patent claims priority to a patent application that was filed more than twenty years ago. A recent court decision from the Eastern District... More
  • Spolier Alert – Duty to Preserve Evidence Copyright: pockygallery / 123RF Stock Photo In Florida, the duty to preserve evidence relevant to a case may arise long before a complaint is filed.  A party’s duty to preserve evidence is triggered once litigation is reasonably anticipated.  The duty extends to any evidence that a party: knows, or reasonably should know is relevant to the anticipated action, including electronically stored information. The failure to preserve relevant evidence, also known as the spoliation of evidence, may result in the imposition of sanctions and a... More
  • The SEC Reluctantly Vacates Collateral Bars After Court Loss One of the outstanding issues relating to the Dodd-Frank Act was the SEC’s use of statutory power to regulate conduct that occurred prior to its enactment in July 2010. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia recently decided that the SEC did not have the power to impose collateral bars on conduct pre-July 2010. Consequently, the SEC has now determined it will allow those respondents and/or defendants, who are subject to these collateral bars, to apply to... More
  • Other concerns about NJ Bill S3019 I previously described concerns about S3019’s impact to veterinarians. There are additional concerns about the impact of this bill to animal shelters and NJ taxpayers.  And, it is inexplicable why S3019 exempts animal rescue organizations from provisions governing shelters since these unregulated organizations are becoming the primary way people are obtaining pets—through retail rescue channels.  See The Phenomenon called “Retail Rescue.” Animal shelters are under increasing pressure from the no-kill movement to decrease or eliminate the number of animals they euthanize.  This... More
  • If You Want Trouble, Do Not Register as a Broker-Dealer At Fox Rothschild, we are constantly advising clients regarding the peril of engaging in the securities industry without the proper license. In fact, we have developed materials to provide our clients with information about the process. See A recent case before the SEC has only confirmed this advice. The SEC barred a person from the securities industry, and required disgorgement in the amount of $400,000 because the person failed to register as a broker-dealer while selling private fund interests.... More
  • Chancery Opinion Provides a Roadmap to Discovery Rules and Obligations In the recent decision of In re Oxbow Carbon LLC Unitholder Litig., Consol. C.A. No 12447-VCL (Del. Ch. March 13, 2017), Vice Chancellor Laster provides a comprehensive review of pretrial discovery rules before the Delaware Court of Chancery.  This opinion is an excellent roadmap for conducting discovery in Delaware, and contains a treasure-trove of citations, authorities and maxims that would aid any Chancery practitioner. Several quotes of import from this decision are as follows: “The scope of discovery pursuant to Court of Chancery Rule... More
  • The Possible Impact Of Medicaid Expansion On “Medical Divorce” “Medical divorce” is a term coined some years ago to describe a divorce obtained for medical reasons. More specifically, according to a recent article by George Diepenbrock, researchers defined “medical divorce” as an instance where one partner becomes diagnosed with a degenerative disease, such as early onset dementia. The couple could drain its assets, including retirement savings, to pay for treatment. However, some couples instead choose to divorce to shield one person’s assets. The sick partner would eventually qualify for Medicaid. A... More
  • Chief Judge Stark Grants Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment of Non-Infringement in ANDA Action By Memorandum Opinion entered by The Honorable Leonard P. Stark in Reckitt Benckiser LLC v. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Civil Action No. 14-1203-LPS (D.Del. March 6, 2017), the Court granted Defendants’ motion for summary judgment of non-infringement of the asserted claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,955,821 (“the ‘821 patent”) and U.S. Patent No. 7,838,032 (“the ‘032 patent”) with respect to Defendants’ proposed generic version of Mucinex® DM, an extended-release tablet that contains dextromethorphan hydrobromide and guaifenesin. The claim limitations of the... More