Dodging an Overtime Disaster: Self-Audit Steps to Comply with DOL’s Final Employee Classification Rules

March 22, 2016 at 2:00pm3:15pm
Center for Competitive Management

Mark E. Tabakman will be presenting, "Dodging an Overtime Disaster: Self-Audit Steps to Comply with DOLs Final Employee Classification Rules" in a webinar hosted by the Center for Competitive Management.

Join Fox Rothschild's Mark Tabakman as he discusses the DOL's new overtime thresholds that are set to come into effect this summer.

The presentation will provide an in-depth review of:

  • Steps employers must take now to get ready
  • Anticipated rule changes and the real impact on your organization
  • Industries that will be most likely be affected by the new rules
  • The types of jobs that will most likely be reclassified as nonexempt
  • How the DOL’s new overtime exemption rules will affect the current salary basis test and the salary level threshold that’s required for exemption
  • Tips and checklists for ensuring that your employee classifications are correct
  • Where to begin when determining if your workers are properly classified under the new regulations
  • Who should staff your overtime exemption classification self-audit team
  • How often you need to audit
  • Consequences of misclassification of employees

Those attending will also learn the nuts and bolts of the new rules, practical methods to evaluate your existing pay practices, and how to set up a self-audit system that will help protect your business from lawsuits resulting from misclassification errors.

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*Please note that there is a cost associated with this event.