White Collar Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act: Overview and Examination of Basic Principles, At-Risk Positions and Other Minefields

March 5, 2015 at 1:00pm
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The FLSA’s "white collar" exemptions specify that executive, administrative, professional, computer employees, and outside sales are exempted from the minimum wage and overtime pay laws of the Act.

This webinar will help you learn the basic principles informing each of the four major categories of white collar exemptions and also understand the issue of "primary duty" and how that impacts the exemption issue. You will learn the role a "salary" plays and how employers can be found to have wrongly misclassified workers, notwithstanding their performance of exempt duties, if not properly paid.

This Session Highlights:

  • The Concept of Primary Duty
  • The Salary Basis Test
  • Elements of The Exemptions
  • Discretion and Independent Judgment or Skill and Experience? What is more important?
  • Class Action Trigger Points
  • A Virtual "Law Book" for Employers and HR professionals

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