Mark is a seasoned international lawyer whose experience includes serving as general counsel to global multinational corporations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Drawing on his experience as both a CEO and general counsel, Mark brings a distinct perspective to his client’s North American market entry strategy and operations, fusing executive management and legal experience into a powerful, value-added advisory service.

Mark continues to serve as North American counsel to foreign-based multinational enterprises and has extensive experience in guiding their foreign direct investment projects and strategies onto the continent.

Before Fox Rothschild

Prior to joining Fox, Mark was a member of Marco Q. Rossi & Associati, a bi-continental boutique law firm where he concentrated on cross-border mergers and acquisitions and general counsel services for foreign multinationals.

Mark previously served as a senior executive with the Leonardo Finmeccanica Group of Rome, Italy, one of the world's largest aerospace conglomerates. He served as Group VP and General Counsel of Finmeccanica’s Elsag Bailey Group, where he was principally involved in a series of international mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, resulting in Elsag Bailey’s revenue growing from $300 million to more than $2 billion within a decade. Mark subsequently played a key management role in the divestiture of Elsag Bailey, which resulted in its sale to Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) for several billion dollars at a 100 percent increase in share value.

Following the sale, Mark was a founder of Glengary Ventures, a Cleveland-based early-stage technology fund. While at Glengary, he served as Chief Operating Officer of Nanodielectrics Corporation, an early-stage photovoltaic energy venture. In 2003, on behalf of the Eurotech Group, a Venice-based embedded systems multinational, Mark acquired Parvus Corporation, a Utah-based aerospace group. Following the acquisition, Mark served as President of Parvus and successfully led its restructuring and integration into its European parent.

Beyond Fox Rothschild

Mark also served as an Adjunct Professor of Business teaching corporate strategy at the John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business at Duquesne University and currently continues to teach an International Strategic Transaction course as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Duquesne University’s Law School. He has also guest lectured upon international business and law at the Graduate School of Business at the MIP Politecnico di Milano in Italy. He is also active in foreign affairs and currently serves as Vice President and officer of the board of the American Middle East Institute. From 2007 to 2009, he served as president and CEO of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.