Co-Chair of the firm's White Collar Compliance & Defense Practice, Matthew is a criminal and civil trial lawyer with an active litigation practice in federal and state courts, as well as before administrative agencies, regulatory bodies and in alternate dispute resolution forums throughout the United States.

Matthew has significant experience and is a recognized leader in emerging issues involving the intersection of the law and technology, including the cutting-edge and increasingly relevant areas of e-discovery, digital privacy, social networking, cyber security, and other hot button topics that are a consequence of the digitalization of today’s world both in the criminal and civil context. Matthew’s clients routinely rely on him to advocate for an extension of traditional legal concepts, such as fundamental constitutional rights and other hallmarks of the legal system, in circumstances where the advancement of the law has lagged behind the fast moving, technologically-driven methods of modern business and society. He strategically builds and defends cases through digital forensics and other non-traditional forms of evidence, including where the use of such evidence presents issues of first impression for the courts and other forums in which he appears.

Matthew serves as defense counsel to individuals and entities facing state or federal criminal charges, regulatory or enforcement actions or that are the target of an investigation by local, state or federal law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies. Demonstrating the scope and breadth of his practice in this area, his recent white collar compliance and defense matters include representation of:

  • Health care professionals accused of trafficking in narcotics;
  • Targets of public corruption investigations;
  • A research biologist formerly employed by a major pharmaceutical company accused of the criminal theft of trade secrets, resulting in the complete dismissal of all charges prior to trial;
  • Professional licensees facing administrative actions to revoke their licenses and other disciplinary sanctions;
  • Corporate executives investigated for securities fraud;
  • A professional athlete;
  • Police officers accused of misconduct, including constitutional violations;
  • A company investigated for homicide in the aftermath of a fatal industrial accident;
  • An individual accused of a federal conspiracy to commit extortion;
  • Securities brokers and other financial professionals facing enforcement actions by the SEC and FINRA and corresponding referrals to criminal authorities;
  • Targets of a federal tax fraud investigations; and
  • Mortgage brokers and other individuals working in the housing sector of the economy that have been investigated or prosecuted for fraud and other related offenses in the aftermath of the financial collapse of 2007-2008.

Matthew's largest criminal defense successes have come where his clients were investigated but never prosecuted. These cases receive no headlines or fanfare, just simply meticulous, zealous and ethical representation of individuals facing one of the most terrifying experiences of their lives. Whether facing a relatively minor offense or a serious charge carrying significant consequences, Matthew’s clients receive his unwavering commitment to protecting their rights and to ensuring the presumption of innocence, regardless of the nature of the alleged offense.

Matthew's business litigation practice includes experience representing individuals and businesses in the prosecution and defense of complex civil actions involving:

  • Partnership and other business entity break-ups;
  • Commercial class actions;
  • Intellectual property rights;
  • Restrictive covenants;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Civil RICO;
  • Defamation;
  • Collections;
  • Environmental claims;
  • Employment issues;
  • Unfair competition;
  • Credit defaults;
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes;
  • Construction disputes;
  • Real estate controversies;
  • Director/officer claims; and
  • Other corporate litigation issues.

Entrepreneurs, startups, closely held businesses, and Fortune 500 companies rely on Matthew’s pragmatic business sense and effective litigation skills to maximize positive outcomes of their commercial disputes. Whether prosecuting a civil case or defending an action that could imperil a business, Matthew is known for his attention to detail. Clients value his candor and energy, as well as his ability to view discrete events as part of a larger picture.

Beyond Fox Rothschild

Matthew is a frequent lecturer and commentator on topics involving the intersection of the law and technology. He also demonstrates his fluency in digital evidence by teaching law students, other attorneys and corporate America topics including e-discovery, cyber security and digital forensics. Matthew’s legal scholarship is focused on e-discovery and digital forensics, and his articles and commentaries have been published in such media outlets as ESPN, CBS, Above the Law and Law360 and The New Jersey Law Journal. Media outlets frequently turn to Matt for legal analysis when a breaking news story involves digital technology, such as the investigation of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks and the digital forensics issues that arose over the FBI’s efforts to access the mobile phone of one of the attackers.

He has also served as co-chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association Privacy Law Section and has co-chaired the Privacy Law Section’s task force on proposed legislation from the New Jersey legislature banning warrantless seizures of cell phone data and other proposed protections to individual rights that have been made necessary by the way that technology has reshaped the way that people live and work.

Mindful that the ability to practice law is a privilege, Matthew is involved in pro bono legal work supporting the efforts of the legal clinic developed by Fox Rothschild at the Lyons, New Jersey, VA facility. Matthew and other Fox attorneys dedicate their time to those who have sacrificed so much in service to their nation. In January 2017, Matthew testified before the New Jersey Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs and Appropriations Committees regarding proposed Assembly Bill A-4362, which suggests the establishment of a veterans diversion program in New Jersey to divert eligible service members away from the criminal justice system and into appropriate case management and mental health services, challenging lawmakers to expand the scope of the bill to reach a broader swath of the veteran community and take advantage of the federal resources available to veterans.

He has also handled cases for indigent defendants on behalf of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - New Jersey (ACDL-NJ), a leading professional organization in New Jersey established for the purpose of advancing issues impacting the criminal defense bar and its clients. Matthew was elected a Trustee of the ACDL-NJ in 2015 and Secretary of the organization in May 2018.

Honors & Awards

  • Named among the “Top 10 Under 40” by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (2016)
  • Named a “New Leader of the Bar” by The New Jersey Law Journal (2016)
  • Named to "Super Lawyers Rising Star" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine (2013-2018)