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  • Watching the Broncos and Commodity Prices: Not for the Faint of Heart If you watched the Broncos play the Patriots on Sunday, chances are you still do not want to talk about it. Chances are also that you are devastated by the fact that they are 3-6 right now, but you are nonetheless looking forward to watching the Broncos play the Bengals this coming Sunday. You may have also noticed that the price of oil has been declining for the past 4 days in a row… Two things that I have learned are not... More
  • Oil’s Dance Moves: From Contango into Backwardation Last August, I wrote a blog entitled, “Did you just ask me to dance the Contango?” It explained, in detail, oil prices being in Contango – the “situation where the future spot price is below the current price, and people are willing to pay more for a commodity at some point in the future than the actual expected price of the commodity” (according to Investopedia). Fast forward to today… Everyone is talking about oil prices.  Specifically, the price of oil hitting the... More
  • What Fuels Tennessee?   Many of you know that when I travel, I tend to start to wonder about that state’s energy sector. What fuels it? What makes it different from Colorado and Wyoming? This weekend, I was in Nashville, Tennessee – “Music City.” I started to wonder, besides being the home of country music and amazingly fun honky tonks where folks from all over the country come to kick their heels up, what fuels Tennessee? It’s not all country music, hot chicken, cowboy boots and... More
  • Are we having an Oil Rally?! Hold the Champagne… I just read an online article in Fortune entitled, “Oil Prices Have Rallied. So Why is No One Celebrating?” and for a moment, I thought to myself, “wait, is this really a rally?”  Grab the champagne! As I write this blog, WTI Crude Oil is at $52.47 per barrel and Brent Crude is at $58.51 per barrel according to Bloomberg Energy. The Fortune article says, “the rally remains unloved, and for a good reason.”  Ok, hold the champagne… Hang on, hang on. Are... More
  • Pumpkin Patches and Prices This weekend, I did the quintessential fall activity – visited the pumpkin patch at our local Anderson Farms! The perfect way to spend a fall day; we even got a little lost in the corn maze before picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. What I really want to talk about is not just pumpkins, although you know I am all about pumpkin everything right now, even after reading about the “pumpkin spice tax” that I am likely paying on all... More
  • Wyoming Supreme Court Gives Guidance on Royalty Payment Act   Yesterday, the Wyoming Supreme Court issued its opinion in Lon V. Smith Foundation v. Devon Energy Corp., et al., 2017 WY 121 (Wyo. Oct. 10, 2017), which provided guidance on the application of the Wyoming Royalty Payment Act (“WRPA”). The full case can be found here. There were 3 issues before the Wyoming Supreme Court, one involving a probate question and two involving the WRPA. Let’s just focus on the issues concerning the WRPA that the Wyoming Supreme Court gave us guidance... More
  • One Stop Shopping for Nationwide Well Information? The New National Oil & Gas Gateway This week, a new public website was unveiled that provides participating states’ well data. The site is called National Oil & Gas Gateway and it can be found here – What is it? One stop shopping for well data. It is basically a consolidated source for oil and gas well data from the states that participate. In short, “[t]he Gateway is the first publically available website of well-level data across the nation” and its information is submitted by individual participating states. According... More
  • Price of Oil, Rig Count and Lease Sale: Show me the Money! After reading this weekend’s headlines and checking the stock market, Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire yelling, “SHOW ME THE MONEY” has been ringing in my head this afternoon. So here we go, let me give you a quick summary of what has been going on to bring you up to speed and show you the money: The price of oil is up! As I write this, according to Bloomberg Energy, WTI Crude Oil is at $52.17 per barrel, up 2.98%,... More
  • Status Update: The Paris Agreement Those of you who know me know that Wyoming is my first love and Paris is my second – but that is not why Paris is on my mind today.  Instead, it is on my mind because of a big breakfast meeting that going on this morning involving The Paris Agreement (aka The Paris Climate Accord or The Paris Accord)… The New York Times reported that senior climate and energy ministers from a dozen or so nations are meeting for breakfast... More
  • A Point of Clarification: Barrels of Oil are not being “Lost” to Hurricane Harvey   This morning, I read a confusing article that made it sound like barrels of oil were somehow lost or permanently gone due to Hurricane Harvey. There are many misconceptions in the energy sector, so here is my attempt to nip this one in the bud. The following article is what we are going to talk about: Forbes: “Here’s How Many Barrels of Oil Have Been Lost to Hurricane Harvey” The title of this article makes a person think that oil production being impacted... More