‘Liberty and Law’ Series Teaches Appreciation of U.S. Jury System

December 5, 2010 – In The News
The Times Herald

Wendy Rothstein and Montgomery County District Justice James Gallagher of Bridgeport craftily presented the American legal system to Nicole Corrado’s sixth grade class at Stewart Middle School with the alleged murder of Arthur Giant by farmer Jack Jones. Rothstein and Justice Gallagher used the fable to illustrate the principles of lawful prosecutions, defense arguments and the operation of the 12-person jury system, which showed the deliberation process of the jury.

“One person can make a difference in the jury room,” said Rothstein. “There is discussion that continues until there is a unanimous jury vote.” Rothstein and Justice Gallagher will visit the 26-student classroom throughout the year as part of the “Liberty and Law” series sponsored by the Montgomery County and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.

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