Broad Client Base Breeds Success

May 21, 2015 – In The News
New Jersey Law Journal

Fox Rothschild was featured in the New Jersey Law Journal article, “Broad Client Base Breeds Success.” Full text can be found in the May 21, 2015, article, but a synopsis is below.

Fox Rothschild was recently selected by the New Jersey Law Journal as the 2015 Litigation Department of the Year for General Litigation in the Large Firms category.

While typically a firm of Fox’s size – nearly 650 attorneys – might do billable work for 5,000 to 6,000 clients in a given year, the firm bills somewhere around 15,000 clients according to James Young, the administrative partner for the firm’s Litigation Department.

“To me the number-one thing is our client base,” said Young. “We handle a broad range of cases and we approach those cases in a cost-effective manner. Clients keep coming back because they're happy with us, with the caliber of our attorneys and with the fact that we have those New Jersey roots and local knowledge as well.”

Those clients range in size from family owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

“We're a firm that sort of grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Young noted. “We'll represent everyone from a family-run business to a multinational corporation and everything in between.”

According to Young, with a broad client base such as the one Fox has, there is no shortage of cases, and 2014 saw numerous noteworthy accomplishments for the firm.

Fox’s litigation strategy is “appropriately aggressive,” Young says. “If it's a bet-the-company case and we have to take it to the mat, we'll do that, but in many cases early resolution makes the most sense for all involved.”

About one-third of the firm’s approximately 140 New Jersey attorneys – practicing in four Garden State locations – are litigators, meaning Fox is “not just a national firm that has a Newark office,” Young says.

“One of the things we like is having the whole state covered,” he said. “We've got that deep bench in New Jersey.”