Comparing Recent Clawback Rulings in ‘Dewey’ and ‘Thelen’

January 12, 2015 – In The News
New York Law Journal

Yann Geron was featured in the New York Law Journal article “Comparing Recent Clawback Rulings in ‘Dewey’ and ‘Thelen.’” Full text can be found in the January 12, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is below.

Thelen was a registered limited liability partnership governed by California law.

After mass attorney defections that triggered a breach of Thelen's loan agreement in 2008, its partners voted to dissolve the partnership and entered into a dissolution agreement. Thelen filed for chapter 11 protection in September 2009.

The Thelen Trustee, Yann Geron, settled clawback claims against more than 130 former Thelen partners.