Fox Rothschild Leading Law Firms Worldwide in Blogging

May 10, 2012 – In The News
The National Law Journal

In a recent article by The National Law Journal, Fox Rothschild was named #1 in blogging among law firms worldwide. With a total of 32 blogs , covering everything from employment and litigation to legal issues surrounding wineries, the firm has the highest ratio of blogs to lawyers — one to every 15 lawyers — among any large firm in the world.

Firmwide Managing Partner Mark Silow said the firm's success in blogging is related to the type of clients it serves as well as its effective blogging policy.

"Every year we have over 13,000 clients that pay us fees. We do have extremely large clients, but our average client is middle market, and to succeed there, you need to be very entrepreneurial," he said. "This group of clients has been very resilient, so we have continued to grow. This is also a group of clients you need to replenish on a regular basis, so our lawyers are out there hustling."

"Once we had a few lawyers blogging, we publicized their early successes and it really caught on," Silow said. "The other lawyers saw this and started asking, 'If the other partners are blogging and having success, why can't we?' And since then it has been largely self-sustaining. The problem now isn't pestering people to start new blogs, but making sure lawyers know what they are getting themselves into when committing to a blog."

When asked about the benefits of blogging, Silow stated: “We have picked up a number of clients through the blogs, but the greatest value is that they serve as a validator of our expertise and our knowledge."

View the entire article in the May 10 issue or learn more about Fox Rothschild's many blogs.