Kegerise’s Contract Restricts Criticism

October 6, 2013 – In The News
Sunday Patriot-News

Jeffrey Sultanik was quoted in the Sunday Patriot-News article "Kegerise’s Contract Restricts Criticism." While the full text can be found in the October 6, 2013, issue of Sunday Patriot-News, a synopsis is noted below.

The contract of Susquehanna Township School District superintendent Susan Kegerise contains restrictions on members of the school board that are unprecedented and may even restrict board members constitutional First Amendment rights.

The contract contains a section titled “Board Members Conduct and Treatment of Superintendent,” which includes stating that everything board members say about Kegerise must be “respectful.”

“I have never seen language like that inserted into a superintendent’s contract,” said Jeffrey Sultanik.

Sultanik noted there could be First Amendment issues stemming from the contract, but said “I’m not even sure how enforceable it is.”

“It’s clear to me the contract was written to the favor of the superintendent,” Sultanik said. “I don’t know how you terminate anybody if you can’t rate them anything but good.”

“I represent school districts and they’re the employer and the fiduciaries of the taxpayers’ money,” said Sultanik. “I would never agree to up the standard. You have to question whether or not that’s legal. It might be, but I know of no reason why a board would want to do that or should do that.”