Market Map: 4 Recent Trends In Miami Real Estate Deals

August 31, 2015 – In The News

Randall L. Sidloscawas featured in theLaw360article, “Market Map: 4 Recent Trends in Miami Real Estate Deals.” Full text can be found in the August 31, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is below.

In late July, Miami officials invited builders to work with the city in an effort to encourage development of affordable housing within the city limits. Builders find interest in working with the city because it helps them score EB-5 financing for projects.

“Investors are very savvy and look for projects that have the greatest probability of financial success. The concept of the project is important, but so is the capital stack. The most successful EB-5 projects are those where the EB-5 component is less than 30 percent of the capital stack. Projects that are well-capitalized and financed are usually successfully developed,” Randall L. Sidlosca said.