Pets Allowed?

March 17, 2011 – In The News
The New Jersey Cooperator

Co-ops and condos have continued to ban or place heavy restrictions on animals out of concerns over nuisance barking, property damage and dog bites. It is ultimately the co-op or the condo board that has the most effect on dog policy at a building.

“There are a number of general rules that can help keep things calm,” says Melvyn J. Tarnopol. “Weight limits are useful to the extent that other unit owners can be afraid of large dogs. Condominiums can adopt leash rules so that dogs will not bother other unit owners, particularly in other areas such as elevators. Condos often limit the number of dogs or cats to two per household, to encourage cleanliness. Condominiums also need to set up procedures whereby neighbors can complain about noisy animals and the pets are removed if their owners cannot control them. Certainly, making owners responsible for the behavior of their animals is a reasonable approach. Finally, unit owners can be required to sign pet applications that provide that the owner shall be liable for any damages caused by the pet.”

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