Philadelphia Suburbs Try to Detour Highway Sized Billboards

January 26, 2012 – In The News
WHYY Newsworks

Andrew Bonekemper discussed the battle between a Philadelphia suburb and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court over whether or not they can keep their town billboard free. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled towns cannot prohibit a particular land use when it essentially excludes one type of business.

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court effectively split the baby," said Bonekemper. "There's no specific size that needs to be allowed. The court said you don't have to necessarily allow the industry standard size billboard, but that you did have to allow billboard advertising," he said.

Bonekemper says that makes aesthetic decisions in these cases more difficult.

"That leaves a big space in between for, unfortunately, a lot of ambiguity for both townships and billboard developers," said Bonekemper.

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