Tough Calls

October 1, 2010 – In The News
The New Jersey Cooperator

Rising conflicts between residents and board members of buildings have Homeowner Association (HOA) administrators making tough calls when weighing different groups’ positions and the best interest of the building community at large. Melvyn Tarnopol says, “It’s quite common for a board to appoint subcommittees to study particular issues, however, if the sole reason for doing so is to try to avoid pressure that is being exerted on the board, this tactic will only delay that issue, not eliminate it.”

Tarnopol also advises to remain diplomatic no matter how heated a debate between residents or administrators gets. “It’s always best for board members to treat residents and each other with courtesy. It’s always desirable to gain consensus, but not always possible. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, and reasonable people can disagree as to the proper solution. In this event, it is necessary that everyone have the opportunity to speak but, if consensus cannot be reached, then a vote has to be taken.”

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