With Spate of Suits, Thelen Trustee Makes Late Push to Collect for Creditors

September 20, 2011 – In The News
Am Law Daily

The trustee overseeing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy of the now defunct Thelan law firm Yann Geron has filed 98 individual complaints against former clients and partners as well as other law firms those partners later joined.

Among the complaints, 23 seek a combined total of more than $3 million in unpaid fees from former clients, 16 are clawback suits aimed at other law firms and the remaining 59 target former Thelen partners who have not yet settled with the estate.

"My hope is that, with respect to the partners, once they evaluate the settlement, they'll see the integrity of the process, and realize there was a full exchange of information and legal theories," Geron said. "I hope that they'll agree that the settlement takes their issues into consideration, makes sense, and is egalitarian."

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