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Why National Law Firms are Flocking to Texas
Featured: Clinton David  - D CEO
March 2015
Staffing Companies and the Sting of Employment Law Issues: Five “Need-to-Know-Now” Topics
By: Diane J. Geller  - Florida Staffing Association
February 27, 2015
Court Rejects Marital Presumption for Life Insurance Proceeds
Featured: Benjamin Kurtis  - New Jersey Law Journal
February 26, 2015
Saucon Valley School Board Makes New Contract Offer to Teachers
Featured: Jeffrey Sultanik  - Lehigh Valley Live
February 26, 2015
Executive Moves
Featured: Paul Labov  - Crain’s New York
February 25, 2015
Clinton David Appears on The Chip Franklin Show
Featured: Clint David  - The Chip Franklin Show
February 24, 2015
New York’s Acting Commissioner of Labor Rejects Two-Tiered Tip Wage System for Hospitality Employers
By: Carolyn D. Richmond and Glenn S. Grindlinger  - Labor & Employment Alert
February 24, 2015
NJ Supreme Court Limits Employer Vicarious Liability in Harassment Cases; Expands Definition of Supervisor Under NJLAD
By: Heather R. Boshak and Courtney D. Roach  - Labor & Employment Alert
February 24, 2015
Calif. High Court Could Unleash Rest Day Lawsuits
Featured: David Faustman  - Law360
February 23, 2015
Featured: Paul Labov  - The National Law Journal
February 23, 2015
How to Find a Job Without Getting Fired From Your Current One
Featured: Ian Meklinsky  - Main Street
February 23, 2015
Top 10 in Law Blogs: What Judges Really Want Lawyers to Know
Featured: Elizabeth Hampton  - The LexBlog Network
February 20, 2015
Litigating Cohabitation Under NJ's Amended Alimony Law
By: Robert A. Epstein  - New Jersey Law Journal
February 19, 2015
Doctor is Arrested for Stealing Thousands of Patient Records
Featured: Michael Kline  - Medical Practice Compliance Alert
February 16, 2015
When State Attorneys General Come Knocking
Featured: Scott L. Vernick  - Compliance Week
February 10, 2015
Review of Consumer Protection Law Developments
By: Scott Bialecki  - American Bar Association
Personhood Denied
By: Nancy Halpern  - Livestock Market Digest
December 15, 2014
Time for Questions About Dog Rescue
Featured: Nancy Halpern  - The StarPhoenix
December 12, 2014
JAB1 Enhances HAND2 Transcriptional Activity by Regulating HAND2 DNA Binding
Co-author: Jimmy Hao  - J Neurosci Res. 76(5): 613-22
Functional Analysis of the bHLH Protein eHAND in Development and Isolation of eHAND Interactive Proteins
Co-author: Jimmy Hao  - Research Conference of the Society for Developmental Biology Northeast Regional Meeting Abstract. 13
Syndet Is a Novel SNAP25 Related Protein Expressed in Many Tissues
Co-author: Jimmy Hao  - J Cell Sci. 110(Pt 4): 505-513
The Gonadotropes in Pituitary
Co-author: Jimmu Hao  - Acta Anatomica Sinica. 26(3): 330-335

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