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Start Your ACA Reporting Now, or at Least Start Getting Ready for It
By: Keith R. McMurdy  - Employee Benefit News
April 24, 2014
Ten Leaders Profile
Featured: Julia Swain  - Ten Leaders
April 24, 2014
Patent Litigation in the District of Delaware: Judge Robinson’s New Procedures
By: Vincent J. Poppiti and Austen C. Endersby  - Intellectual Property Alert
April 24, 2014
Best in Law Blogs: The Lawyer, The Liar
Featured: Eric Solotoff  - The LexBlog Network
April 22, 2014
Joseph A. DeMaria Named Partner at Fox Rothschild
Featured: Joseph A. DeMaria  - Miami Herald
April 21, 2014
Immigration Reform
Featured: Alka Bahal  - Behind the Shadows
April 21, 2014
The Churn: Lateral Moves
Featured: Joseph A. DeMaria  - The Am Law Daily
April 18, 2014
Employment Discrimination Report
Featured: Rich Cohen  - ABA Journal
April 16, 2014
NYC Votes To Outlaw Discrimination Against Unpaid Interns
Featured: Rich Cohen  - Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
March 27, 2014
Federal Contractors Now Required To Ask Employees if They are Handicapped
Featured: Rich Cohen  - Construction Super Conference Newsletter
March 26, 2014
There’s No Such Thing as Free Music with That Lunch
By: Lori Landew  - The Voice of Hospitality
March 25, 2014
Bizarre Retaliation Case
Featured: Rich Cohen  - HR Morning
February 14, 2014
Content Owners’ Pursuit of Secondary Infringement Claims
By: Alan R. Friedman  - Law Journal Newsletters’ Entertainment Law & Finance
February 2014
How Disney Enterprises v. Hotfile May Apply to Secondary Infringement Claims
By: Alan R. Friedman  - Law Journal Newsletters’ Entertainment Law & Finance
January 7, 2014
Is Age Discrimination the Next Frontier?
Featured: Rich Cohen  - Employers’ Alert
November 2013
The Art of Appealing MPAA Film Ratings
By: Alan R. Friedman
February 2011
Copyright Fair Use: A Comment on the Parody Defense
By: Alan R. Friedman
October 15, 2009
Legal Description Basics
By: Brent D. Chicken  - Mineral Law Series
September 2007
Kyllo v. United States: Incomplete Guidance for the Future?
By: Brent D. Chicken  - Journal of the American Criminal Justice Association
October 2003

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