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Fox Rothschild Adds Tax/Wealth Planning Partner
Featured: Linda Rhone Enion and Bill Stang  - Pittsburgh Business Times
August 21, 2014
Fox Rothschild’s Pittsburgh Office Gains Two Patent Agents
Featured: Vishak Ganesh and Michael Montgomery
August 21, 2014
Judge Rejects Conspiracy Claim in Philadelphia Port ‘Broker Wars’
Featured: Steven K. Ludwig  - The Philadelphia Inquirer
August 21, 2014
Community Health Heist Pulls Hospitals into Cyberthreat Fold
Featured: Scott L. Vernick  - Law360
August 19, 2014
Best in Law Blogs: Marriage at Risk in Today’s Environment of Income Inequality?
Featured: Robert A. Epstein  - The LexBlog Network
August 18, 2014
NJ Senate Confirms Essex County Judicial Nominees
Featured: Kenneth A. Rosenberg  - Law360
August 18, 2014
Senate Confirms Essex Co. Judicial Nominations
Featured: Kenneth A. Rosenberg  - New Jersey Law Journal
August 18, 2014
Not a Good Track Record, Pizzi Case Latest Instance Where Prosecutors Failed
Featured: Joseph A. DeMaria  - Daily Business Review
August 18, 2014
N.J. Senate Confirms Eight Christie Nominees To Be Judges in Essex County
Featured: Kenneth A. Rosenberg  - The Star Ledger
August 18, 2014
Fox Rothschild Works Pro Bono on Behalf of Legal Services Corporation
Featured: Charles A. De Monaco
August 18, 2014
63 Fox Attorneys Named to 2015 “Best Lawyers in America” Guide
Featured: Jerald David August, Brett A. Axelrod, Michael Barabander, Herbert Bass, M. Joel Bolstein, Howard Bregman, Nicholas Casiello, Jr., Neal S. Cohen, Jerome A. Deener, Joseph A. DeMaria, Charles A. De Monaco, Gary M. Dunkel, Linda Rhone Enion, Marshall H. Fishman, Howard R. Flaxman, Jerold E. Glassman, Steven S. Goldenberg, Stanley L. Goodman, Phillip E. Griffin, James L. Griffith, Michael S. Harrington, Larry D. Harris, Jeffrey M. Herskowitz, Mark H. Hess, Harold L. Hoffman, Marie J. Jones, Susan Foreman Jordan, Edward J. Kabala, Henry L. Kent-Smith, Robert A. Klausner, Lori Landew, Alain Leibman, Steven C. Levitt, Kenneth E. Lewis, Elizabeth G. Litten, Steven K. Ludwig, Kenneth H. Mack, William H. Maruca, Desmond Massey, James A. Matthews III, Michael G. Menkowitz, Richard M. Meth, Deirdre E. Moore, Mark L. Morris, Janet E. Perlstein, Stephen A. Ploscowe, Jeffrey M. Pollock, Vincent J. Poppiti, David S. Rasner, Frank C. Razzano, Abraham C. Reich, Stephanie Resnick, Christopher M. Roe, Barnett Satinsky, Mark Z. Segal, Abbe G. Shapiro, James M. Singer, Michael L. Temin, Catherine V. Wadhwani, Marvin L. Weinberg, Jonathan D. Weiner, Scott N. Weston, Robert S. Whitehill
August 18, 2014
People on the Move
Featured : Charles A. De Monaco  - Pittsburgh Business Times
August 15, 2014
Ditch the Gender-Based Assumptions When Hiring
Featured: Dori Stibolt  - Corporate Counsel
August 15, 2014
Attack on Pa. Bar Reciprocity Rules Faces Uphill Battle
Featured: Abraham Reich  - Law360
August 14, 2014
Attys Bullish on NJ Internet Gambling Despite Slow Start
Featured: Patrick Madamba Jr.  - Law360
August 14, 2014
Both Sides Say Teachers Strike Increasingly Possible in Saucon Valley
Featured: Jeffrey T. Sultanik  - The Morning Call
August 11, 2014
Teacher Contracts Still Not Agreed Upon in Saucon Valley
Featured: Jeffrey T. Sultanik  - WFMZ-TV
August 11, 2014
People on the Move
Featured: Richard L. Holzworth  - Lawyers Journal
August 8, 2014
South Jersey’s Most Influential Law Firms
Featured: Fox Rothschild  - SNJ Business People
August 2014
SNJBP Legal Matters Roundtable
Featured: Ian D. Meklinsky  - SNJ Business People
August 2014
Is a Bring-Your-Own-Device Program Right for You?
By: Diane J. Geller  - Staffing Industry Review
August 1, 2014
A Family Tie to Napoleon
Featured: Peter J. Tucci  - The New York Times
December 19, 2013

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