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Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos: Lawsuit Lurks for Those Who Post

Scott Vernick Comments on ABC News Story Regarding Internet Posting and Spread of Photos of High School Musical Star

August 7, 2009

Legal professionals weighed in on the Internet circulation of risqué photos of Vanessa Hudgens, agreeing that anyone spreading the photos is liable to face a lawsuit. Hudgens' legal counsel noted that the photos were "old photos taken by Ms. Hudgens years ago within her home" when she was a minor and that they have reason to believe that the photographs were obtained through illegal or improper means and then posted anonymously on the Internet. Her counsel asked that blog sites take them down because posting such photographs of a minor is "illegal, improper and offensive, violates her privacy rights, and infringes other legal rights in and to the photos."

Scott Vernick, acknowledged by ABC News as an expert in intellectual property law, noted that, "If the blog itself, or the owner of the blog, posts a photograph that it doesn’t own, they’re violating somebody’s ownership. When you post something on a blog as Jane Q. Citizen, then the onus is on you, not on the blog, and the law can prosecute you."

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