We obtained more than 200 issued patents for our clients in 2015, including:

  • 9,109,206 – Method for treating chronic nerve tissue injury using a cell therapy strategy
  • 9,106,320 – Node synchronization in a frequency hopping wireless network
  • 9,095,835 – Method for processing hydrocarbon fuels using microwave energy
  • 9,095,599 – O-(substituted benzyl) phosphoramidate compounds and therapeutic use
  • 9,082,207 – System and method for automatic layout of printed material on a three-dimensional structure
  • 9,080,015 – Biocompatible polymers for medical devices
  • 9,078,756 – Implantable device and method to replace the meniscus of the knee and other body structures
  • 9,064,965 – Zinc oxide-based thin film transistor biosensors with high sensitivity and selectivity
  • 9,046,194 – Protective conduit for a structural panel opening
  • 9,044,443 – Methods of treating autism
  • 9,040,497 – Treatment and diagnosis of colon cancer
  • 9,028,617 – Cleaning device with single tank recycling system
  • 9,027,065 – Method and system for creating video channels for delivery of content from multiple platforms
  • 8,984,612 – Method of identifying an electronic device by browser versions and cookie scheduling
  • 8,962,757 – Graft polymers for enhanced intracellular delivery of antisense molecules
  • 8,954,195 – Hybrid gesture control haptic system

Transactions that we have handled include:

  • Represented an Israel-based company that developed innovative software for visualizing data in the sale of its intellectual property assets to a global software company.
  • Helped a provider of Internet mobilization software develop a patent portfolio that was acquired by a U.S. telecommunications company.
  • Represented a computer security software company in intellectual property due diligence for its acquisition of mobile device security solutions provider.
  • Represented a provider of data analytics services in the licensing of its technology to several major telecommunications service providers.
  • Helped a global online gaming service license its technology as an over-the-top service to a multimedia content delivery provider.