Legislative Update in Pennsylvania

June 2012Articles In the Zone

You may recall that I previously wrote about House Bill No. 1702, which proposed to reenact and amend what is commonly referred to as the Borough Code as the code was in substantially the same form since 1966. I wanted to update the status of House Bill No. 1702, as it was approved by Gov. Corbett on May 17, 2012, as Act 43. The revised Borough Code will take effect in 60 days from the dae it was approved.

By way of background, according to an executive summary on the proposed revisions to the Borough Code, the Pennsylvania General Assembly Local Government Commission (Local Government Commission) wrote that the proposed legislation "seeks to modernize and recodify the Borough Code," which it added is "an effort that has not been attempted in the last 45 years." The Local Government Commission provided that since 2003, the Borough Code Revision Committee that was established by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs has reviewed the Borough Code in order to, among other things, remove obsolete provisions, consolidate common subjects and incorporate pertinent and updated language.