Litigating in a Stress-Free Zone

October 10, 2011Articles New Jersey Law Journal

Ari Weisbrot authored “Litigating in a Stress-Free Zone,” in the New Jersey Law Journal. Full text can be found in the October 10, 2011, issue, but a synopsis is noted below.

Following is a short list of ideas lawyers can adopt to attempt to ease frustration and help focus on the things that matter.

  1. Agree to reasonable adjournments
  2. Return calls and emails
  3. Don’t type on your computer while one the phone
  4. Don’t have your assistant dial the phone
  5. Don’t tell a client how weak a case may be
  6. Don’t be condescending during deposition questioning
  7. Keep your cool
  8. Stop serving 150 interrogatories
  9. Avoid duplicative document production
  10. Stop suing individual defendants who do not have personal liability
  11. Don’t threaten bankruptcy
  12. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  13. Try to get to court on time
  14. Proofread your letters
  15. Avoid unnecessary delays