Madoff and Charities: Recent Events Evidence that Vestiges of the Hadassah Nightmare Remain – Part 2 – Installment 66

January 3, 2012Articles White Collar Defense & Compliance Blog

Installment 65 in this blog series was Part 1 of a review of the effects and aftermath, three years after disclosure, of Hadassah’s unfortunate decades-long involvement with Bernard Madoff (“Madoff”).

Several days after our posting of Part 1, published a report from Calcalist (the “Calcalist Report”) about Hadassah Medical Organization (“HMO”), the Hadassah hospital in Israel that is supported and owned by Hadassah Medical Relief Association, Inc., which is the non-profit Hadassah affiliate that actually paid the $45,000,000 in cash settlement to Trustee Irving Picard in the Madoff bankruptcy, as reported in earlier Installments in this blog series. The Calcalist Report stated that

several of the [Hadassah] hospital's suppliers have been complaining that the center has yet to transfer payments worth tens and even hundreds of thousands of shekels, due weeks ago. Hadassah's debt to suppliers is said to amount to nearly NIS 10 million (about $2.65 million).

For its part, Hadassah was quoted by Calcalist as responding as follows:

[U]nlike other hospitals, Hadassah does not receive any budgeting from the government or the State health system. This is a temporary setback in a minor portion of the payments due to the fact that Hadassah has not received all of its due payments from various parties.

Those familiar with hospital finances in the United States and the delays in revenues from third party payers that can often exist, thereby causing adverse cash flow effects and the necessity to delay vendor payments, can appreciate the unfortunate plight of HMO. Nonetheless, the fact that HMO’s delay in payments is deemed newsworthy underscores the adversity that continues to beleaguer the Hadassah organization in the aftermath of Madoff. The Calcalist Report cannot serve to generate confidence among HMO patients, professionals, support staff, donors and vendors that Hadassah has successfully put the effects of the Madoff scandal to rest.

(Installment 67 will provide Part 3 of this Hadassah report.)