Summer Program – Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

What a Wonderful World

Here are three words that you won't hear at Fox Rothschild this summer: "routine," "standard," "boring."

That's not the experience you want — and it's not the experience we give. At Fox, we make the ordinary extraordinary. We believe in making the most of every day. Throughout the summer you'll be involved with innovative research and writing programs, dynamic practice group presentations, and exciting opportunities — including client contact. You'll learn first hand what professional responsibility means to clients, to fellow attorneys, and to the communities where you work and live.

Will you work hard? You bet — but you'll still be excited to come to work, just like our attorneys who know that at Fox, they get more because they give more — to colleagues, to clients, and ultimately to themselves.

At Fox Rothschild we develop first class lawyers because we work with first class people. We offer a great mix of social and substantive events.

"With guidance from a senior associate, I worked on one matter from initial legal memo to settlement. I was invited to attend the settlement negotiation, which at one point seemed hopeless; what our client needed most, the opposing party wanted least. I passed along a hastily written suggestion for a compromise. My idea was offered to the other side, and it broke the deadlock. Moments later, we had the basic terms to a settlement agreement. As a bonus, I drafted the agreement."
—2010 Summer Associate

"I was assigned real work with real clients involving a broad spectrum of legal issues that will help me with my future law practice. I always had the support of several mentors, comprising of both associates and partners, who were dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with me. For the entire summer, I knew that I was a member of a team."
—2010 Summer Associate