Summer Program – The Interview Process

This is it — this is what you've prepared for and prepped that resume for. The interview process — and the job is yours to win or lose. But after rounds of interviews at job fairs, what makes Fox's process better than another firm's?

We can give you three reasons.

  • First, we invite candidates to our office for a series of interviews with attorneys they'd be working with. We get to know you — and you get to know us.
  • Next, we give a detailed presentation about how it works at the firm — starting with our culture, moving on to the benefits of a career at Fox Rothschild and hitting on the highpoints of our practice. That's how you'll learn as much as possible about the realities of life at Fox Rothschild, so you can decide if we're right for you.
  • Finally, we open up a candid Q&A session — there's no question you can't ask — and follow it with a welcome reception where candidates and attorneys at our firm mix in a relaxed environment to learn more about one another. There's no better way to find out if Fox is the right fit.

As a result, your interview experience gives you broad, real world exposure to law firm life and an accurate picture of your possible career progression. You see exactly how your future might unfold if your commitment is strong.