Intellectual Property

Trade Secrets

Enforcing the protection of trade secrets, confidential information and restrictive covenants presents a particular challenge for courts, which must seek fair balance between two significant and countervailing goals: the encouragement of free trade and competition in the marketplace and an individual's right to earn a living; and a company's interest in protecting its trade secrets as well as its time and expense in training and imparting skills and knowledge to its work force.

Fox Rothschild attorneys are adept at quickly and effectively enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights and helping clients sort through the often confusing standards issued by the courts on these matters. Whether filing an immediate application for temporary or special injunction, which can be heard by a court within a matter of days, or seeking a preliminary injunction while a case is litigated or entering into alternative dispute resolution, we provide the best recourse to effectively secure our clients’ proprietary intellectual capital. We also counsel clients on proactive steps that help ensure rights and secrets are well-preserved and kept within the company.