We’re a one-stop-shop for policing copyrights and trademarks that are critical to success in business.

Members of our team have worked in the diverse industries they serve. Drawing from a global breadth of experience in IP investigations and litigation, we tailor business solutions to a full range of trademark and copyright infringement and enforcement issues, including:

  • Cybersquatting
  • Due diligence
  • False advertising
  • Gray market sales
  • Licensing
  • Mediation and settlements
  • Nondisclosure claims
  • Parallel imports and knock-offs
  • Portfolio management
  • Take downs
  • Trade secret misappropriation
  • Unfair competition

Our litigators have decades of experience enforcing intellectual property and brand rights with business strategies that are most effective for their brand. We have particular strength in securing temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction hearings involving applications for, and defense of, emergency injunctive relief, government seizures and related investigations and seizures.

We also manage global trademark portfolios for major brands. As business strategists, we’re frequently asked to develop domestic and international brand protection plans and enforce trademarks, trade dress and brand identity. We also provide guidance on infringement prevention, helping to equip businesses with the screening and brand protection technologies best suited to fight the key offenders in theirs markets and industry.