Attorneys in Fox Rothschild’s Antitrust Practice Group have significant trial experience litigating criminal and civil federal and state antitrust claims, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, as well as representing parties in antitrust investigations before regulatory agencies. We also counsel clients on the antitrust concerns that arise in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, licensing, supply, distribution and other collaborative transactions. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, including aviation, chemicals, consumer products, airlines, retail, cosmetics, electronics, health care, pharmaceuticals, professional sports, publishing and telecommunications.

Antitrust Litigation

Our team litigates antitrust cases and defends complex multidistrict class actions. We work aggressively to resolve disputes involving allegations of price fixing, misappropriation of intellectual property rights – including patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets – as well as unfair competition and trade claims under federal and state law. Our experience includes significant litigation in the consumer products and health care industries. Our attorneys also have experience handling Government civil non-merger investigations, including cartels and dominant company behavior. We are experienced managers who conduct large-scale complex litigation efficiently and economically and win —whether through early dispositive motions, trial or innovative settlements. Our attorneys deliver commercially meaningful results for our clients.

Pricing, Distribution and Compliance Counseling

We offer real world, practical advice to our clients regarding relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, licensors or licensees. Whether it is pricing practices, trade associations, suggested resale prices, exclusivity, most-favored nation clauses, bundled discounts or dealer terminations – to name a few – Fox attorneys offer easy to understand advice to further our clients’ objectives. We also customize compliance programs to address the specific antitrust issues that face our clients’ businesses and provide training to minimize risk and maximize compliance and commercial results.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Other Collaborations

We represent buyers, sellers, targets and financial institutions involved in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other collaborative transactions. Our attorneys provide strategic advice with structuring the transaction and due diligence as well as preparing the legal and economic analyses necessary to efficiently and effectively guide our clients through the regulatory process and, when necessary, litigate challenges. We are also called upon by clients to oppose merger transactions that could injure their businesses, whether at the antitrust agencies or in court.

Health Care Antitrust

Fox attorneys have experience in the unique antitrust issues that can arise in health care affiliations involving for-profit and nonprofit entities, including mergers, acquisitions, reorganization and joint ventures. Our experience includes advising on joint ventures between insurers and providers, hospital and provider mergers, and exclusivity agreements.