At Fox, we know that an appeal is not a second trial, but a uniquely challenging new phase of litigation in which lower-court victories must be defended and less favorable outcomes can be reversed.

Knowing when to appeal and precisely which issues to pursue is the job of an experienced team of appellate advocates.

Fox Rothschild is home to an impressive roster of seasoned appellate attorneys that includes former judges from appellate and bankruptcy courts as well as former state supreme court justices who apply their knowledge from the bench to help clients succeed in their appeals. We have keen insight into the most strategic and effective tactics — both in writing and through oral advocacy — to win arguments before judicial panels on questions of whether a trial court followed the law.

We provide a comprehensive range of appellate services — from full briefings and oral arguments in the federal and state appellate court systems to trial strategy consultations, post-trial motion preparation and negotiation of favorable settlements pending appeal. We also appear as amicus curiae on behalf of individual clients and industry groups, helping give a voice to issues that impact their interests.

Our team handles appellate matters involving a wide range of cases, including bankruptcy, employment, real estate, land use and condemnation, intellectual property, health care, family law, securities, corporate and administrative law. We offer flexibility not only in the services we provide to clients but also in our fee structures, which allow alternatives such as flat fees and hybrid arrangements.