Architects, engineers and other design professionals have unique needs that demand the advice and services of seasoned attorneys. Clients choose the team at Fox Rothschild because we combine the razor-sharp focus of a boutique with the robust resources of a national firm.

We’re known for our deep industry knowledge and our track record of delivering excellent service in every area important to the industry. From planning the transition of firm ownership to advising both buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisitions, from drafting and negotiating service agreements to ensuring compliance with licensing and registration laws, we are a team that has earned the continuing trust of some of the leading national and international design firms.

Throughout the life cycle of individual projects as well as the life cycle of a firm, our attorneys understand and attend to the special considerations — professional and personal — that impact both the business and the principals or employees of a design firm. With decades of experience in this area and using a collaborative approach, Fox attorneys have developed careful and strategic transition plans that foster the growth of firms over multiple generations of ownership and leadership.

We also assist industry leaders to exit the practice through internal or external sale and reap the rewards of their efforts in building the firm. In fact, Fox attorneys literally wrote the book on internal transition — Architect’s Essentials of Ownership Transition, a popular guide on issues of ownership transition for architects and other design professionals. We have successfully represented both buyers and sellers of professional services firms and we understand the unique aspects of these transactions.

No one ever wants to litigate, but when disputes and liability issues do arise, every client wants a lawyer who is experienced, smart and prepared. We do our best to avoid litigation, but for battles that must be waged, we work to devise a strategy that is carefully tailored to the client’s goals.

General Advice and Counsel

For many of our clients, we serve as their trusted business adviser, counseling on day-to-day business and operational matters as well as long-term growth strategy. Such familiarity and deep insight positions us well to advise on ownership transition, mergers and acquisitions and design services agreements when the opportunities arise.

Ownership Transition

We have represented more than one hundred architecture, engineering and consulting firms in developing and implementing their ownership expansion and transition programs. Our programs are designed to support the continuity of these professional services firms by transitioning multiple generations of leadership and ownership.


We represent clients in both buy-side and sell-side merger and acquisition transactions up to $250 million in enterprise value. Our attorneys have experience in acquisition transactions involving ESOPs.

Design Services Agreements

We have negotiated and documented hundreds of design professional service agreements for our clients ranging from residential projects, to commercial projects and large institutional projects such as public buildings, schools, museums and hospitals.

Licensing and Registration

We have also assisted many of our clients in ensuring compliance with licensing and registration laws. We have performed these services throughout the United States and in foreign jurisdictions.