Professional athletes demand superior performances of themselves, and they likewise demand competent legal representation to guide them from draft through retirement and beyond.

During the playing years, athletes face many issues both on and off the field. Fox attorneys are there every step of the way. From contract negotiations and potential endorsement opportunities to purchasing a home, setting up an estate plan or analyzing a business opportunity, we offer competent representation that ensures a player's interests are adequately protected and that outside interests and third parties are not taking advantage of the player. We know that if not handled properly, the stress associated with potential legal matters can distract a player and affect his or her performance on the field. Our goal is to alleviate worry so our clients can stay focused on what matters most: the game.

Fox is also a charter member of the Professional Athletes Franchise Initiative, a partner of the International Franchise Association. PAFI serves as a bridge connecting the professional athlete community to the franchise industry, helping athletes explore the opportunities available within the franchise industry and providing education and information about the rules of engagement and mutual responsibilities inherent in the franchise business model.

Advice for Athletes

  • Contract Negotiation
  • International Contracts
  • Endorsements and Marketing Services
  • Right of Publicity

Business and Legal Services for Athletes

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Litigation Services
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Matters
  • Estate and Tax Planning