Cali represents clients in a variety of intellectual property matters, helping them protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. She has represented clients in patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, false advertising, and unfair competition litigation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in biomedical sciences.

Her experience in IP litigation includes:

  • Litigating patent, trademark, trade dress, and copyright cases in various federal courts
  • Defeating preliminary injunctions in patent, trademark, trade dress, and copyright infringement matters
  • Obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions in intellectual property infringement matters
  • Litigating intellectual property infringement claims before the International Trade Commission (ITC)

Before Fox Rothschild

Prior to joining Fox, Cali was an attorney at a national intellectual property law firm, where she represented large pharmaceutical companies and co-authored an article on the changing copyright landscape for pre-1972 recordings.

While in law school, Cali was a volunteer at The Legal Aid Society, a legal intern at Realogy, and a debate coach for Legal Outreach. She was also a features editor for the New York Law School Law Review and one of the authors of the law review’s 2012-2013 Diversity Report.

Beyond Fox Rothschild

Cali is a Master Instructor (Fourth-degree black-belt) in the art of Tang Soo Do. She specializes in women’s and children’s self-defense.