Associate Life

Great singers don't just sit in the studio. Neither do great lawyers.

At Fox Rothschild, you'll find an atmosphere where you're part of a team of entrepreneurs who know how to satisfy clients. Instead of sitting in an office reading and writing, you'll get out and meet clients from day one. You'll get the training you need to put your experience to work growing your practice – and best of all, you'll still have time for a life.

Lawyers and Entrepreneurs

You're ready to get out and grow your practice. And Fox Rothschild can help you get there.

At Fox, we aim for an atmosphere where entrepreneurship is found in all aspects of our business. That means we build our teams and staff our client matters to enable associates to gain experience quickly. We train our lawyers in people, writing, negotiating and listening skills. And then we get you out in the field. Our associates:

  • visit environmentally challenged industrial plants
  • teach sound labor negotiating skills to HR executives
  • sit in the lab with scientists as they rework drug formulas
  • immerse themselves in a client's work

New associates can count on direct client contact and substantive work assignments. We provide you with opportunities where taking greater initiative and responsibility are as natural as breathing.

Collaboration & Collegiality

Great teams are built in an atmosphere of friendship. While nearly every law firm claims to have great collegiality and collaboration, more often than not, each attorney is singing a different tune.

At Fox, we sing with power of a chorus 900 attorneys strong.

Talk to a Fox attorney and you'll know we're singing in harmony. No matter which of our 26 offices you work in, ours is an environment that fosters and rewards teamwork. And we ensure that you have time for social activities. Why? Because we believe you work better when you know the members on your team.

And get to know them you will. Many of our lawyers have friendships with firm lawyers that span decades and Fox hosts an annual associate celebration as well as a number of events and activities throughout the year to help you learn more about your colleagues and enjoy their company.