Professional Development

What are your goals? Growth in your current position? More responsibility or access to clients? Perhaps you'd like to attend law school to become an attorney? At Fox, paralegals are afforded extensive training to accelerate their professional growth and development, and they are supported and encouraged to take on as much responsibility as they desire. Several Fox paralegals have gone on to law school and are currently practicing attorneys at the firm.

From an extensive orientation program to professional and social activities, Fox supports paralegal growth and development. We sponsor a firmwide paralegal day that features a combination of professional development and social activities.

Both associates and partners alike highly value the important contributions that our paralegals make to the business of the firm, and, more importantly, to the successful completion of client matters. Many Fox Rothschild paralegals have had a long and prosperous career at the firm because they enjoy the opportunity to work both independently and as part of a legal team. Paralegals routinely have direct access and communications with clients and often play an important role in the client's business success. While a paralegal's work may occasionally be done behind the scenes, their work product and exemplary client service are always front and center.