N.Y. Board Recommends Phasing in $15 Hourly Wage

July 22, 2015 – In The News
Nation’s Restaurant News

Carolyn Richmond was quoted in the Nation’s Restaurant News article “N.Y. Board Recommends Phasing in $15 Hourly Wage.” Full text can be found in the July 22, 2015, issue but a synopsis is below.

On Wednesday, the New York Fast Food Wage Board voted to phase in a tiered $15 minimum hourly wage at restaurants with more than 30 units. The decision provides a more expedient timetable for New York City operators than those located in other areas across the state.

According to Carolyn Richmond, the recommendations seem to go against the stated goals of the governor and others though.

“The new rules would only apply to businesses larger than 30 establishments, omitting millions of New York State employees who make less than $15 an hour, but don't happen to work for a franchise or national employer with 30 or more stores,” Richmond said. “This law will only raise the income for the lawyers challenging its legitimacy.”

The board urged a schedule that would bring the minimum wage to $15 an hour in New York City by the end of 2018, and to other areas across the state by the end of 2021. There will now be a 15-day comment period, after which the labor commissioner will have 45 days to enact the order.