City of Philadelphia’s Office of Property Assessment Announces 2014 Assessment Change Notice and Deadlines for Appeal

February 2013Alerts Real Estate Tax Appeals Alert

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Property Assessment (OPA) has announced that all property owners in Philadelphia will receive a Notice of Proposed Valuation (Assessment Change Notice) for the 2014 tax year as part of the City’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI). Most of these notices have been mailed as of this date. The Assessment Change Notices inform property owners of the new assessed market values for their properties. However, these notices do not include a tax rate, which must be set by City Council by June 30, 2013.

Since the AVI is intended to assess every property at its “actual” fair market value, these new property assessments may vary significantly from prior assessments. If you seek to challenge the new assessed property value, you can request a first-level informal review by the OPA. In order to initiate this process, you must complete and submit the First-Level Review Request Form (included in the Assessment Change Notice) and provide any additional information relevant for the OPA to consider, including photos or recent appraisals, by March 31, 2013. Based on this information, your assessment may increase, decrease or stay the same. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the First-Level Review, you may still file an appeal with the Board of Revision of Taxes. These formal appeals are due to be filed by the first Monday in October (October 7, 2013).

If you wish to appeal your Notice of Proposed Valuation, or if you have any questions regarding this Alert, please contact Christopher C. Fallon, III.