Consideration Of Chemical Vapors In Transactions And Astm International’s Development Of Vapor Screens

April 2010Articles Pennsylvania Environmental Law Forum

In March 2008, ASTM International issued E 2600-08, Standard Practice for Assessment of Vapor Intrusion into Structures on Property Involved in Real Estate (“E 2600 08”). This Standard Practice established a screening tool for determining whether vapor intrusion may be an issue at a property that was the subject of a transaction. Unfortunately, E 2600 08 was ill-conceived.

Since the issuance of E 2600-08, the author and others, including Edward L. Strohbehn, Jr. of Bingham LLP, have been working hard to have E 2600-08 replaced by a document that is less potentially harmful to the interests of property owners and more consistent with what may be possible given the limited information available in an environmental site assessment prior to sampling. The proposed E 2600-10, Standard Guide for the Assessment of Vapor Encroachment onto Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions (“Proposed VE Standard Guide”) was balloted within ASTM International’s Committee E 50 in March 2010 and is expected to be issued later this year. As the title suggests, Proposed VE Standard Guide will be a very different document, if issued as currently revised and balloted, than E 2600-08 is.